Boys to send sexy underwear female friends

Boys to send sexy underwear female friends

1. Boys sending sexy underwear Female friends: Is it appropriate?

In the process of associated with women, men often face the confusion of sending sexy underwear to female friends.This problem needs to be based on the specific situation.If there is a close relationship between female friends and men, it is okay to send sexy underwear on the premise that the woman is not disgusted.However, if the two are just a simple friendship relationship, then you need to consider whether it is appropriate.

2. Understanding women’s preferences is the prerequisite for sending sexy underwear

Sex underwear is a more personal and personalized clothing.Therefore, before sending affectionate underwear, men need to understand the preferences and shapes of women, and choose the style and size suitable for her.If you choose well, women will be very grateful to your attention and understanding of her, but if you choose it properly, it will make women feel uncomfortable and embarrassed.

3. Determine the occasion of gift giving

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Sending sex underwear requires the right occasion.For example, if it is a special day such as Valentine’s Day, Birthday or Wedding Memorial Day, men can choose to send love underwear as a gift to express their own minds.However, it should be noted that some women will feel that the sexy underwear is too private. If the occasion of gifts is not appropriate, women may feel uncomfortable.

4. Choose the right style and style

When choosing the style and style of sexy underwear, men need to respect the personal taste and preference of women.Some women like sexy and bold styles, while some women prefer simple and elegant styles.Men need to choose suitable sexy underwear based on women’s personality, temperament and style, making her feel confident and comfortable.

5. Pay attention to quality and health issues

Pay attention to quality and health issues to send sex underwear.Men should choose sexy underwear with good quality, environmentally friendly materials, and good breathability to avoid the problem of skin allergies and discomfort to women.

6. Details and quality are important

Details and quality determine the value and charm of sexy underwear.Men should choose sexy underwear with fine craftsmanship, smooth lines, and good workmanship, expressing their sincerity and intentions.At the same time, it is also necessary to work hard in packaging design and gift distribution.

7. Give a private space for women

Sending sexy underwear needs to be given private space for women.Men need to respect women’s choices and opinions, and do not put pressure on women or interfere with her life.Women can freely choose when and where to wear fun underwear, and men only need to express their attention and greetings at appropriate time.


8. Maintaining feelings and respect for women

Sending sex underwear is a way to express feelings and attention, but it is not the only way to maintain feelings and respect women’s choices.Men need to care about women’s inner and feelings, and use more ways to show their love and care.At the same time, men also need to respect women’s choices. Don’t have any dissatisfaction or ideas for her because women do not wear sexy underwear.

9. Accept the feedback and opinions of women

Sending sex underwear, men need to accept feedback and opinions of women.Women may feel uncomfortable or not toothy underwear, or they may have their favorite brands or styles.Men should respect women’s opinions, adjust their attitudes and actions in time, so that women are valued and respected.

10. Summary

If men want to send erotic underwear to female friends, they need to pay attention to occasions, women’s preferences, quality and health problems, details and quality, women’s private space and freedom of choice.The most important thing is to care and care about women’s hearts and feelings, so that women can feel the love and care of men.