Fun underwear wife Thunder

Fun underwear wife Thunder


As a new type of clothing, sex underwear is gradually accepted by people.In Japan, his wife Thunder has become synonymous with sexy underwear.Today, let’s get to know this term and related erotic lingerie styles.

What is a wife Thunder?

Wife Jinzoku refers to sexy underwear designed for married women.It pursues both sexy and not losing the purity of marriage.This underwear is characterized by bright colors, complicated patterns, and complicated stitching. It is usually equipped with lace and other materials to show women’s softness and gracement.

Types of Wife Thunder

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There are many types of wives Thunder. The following are many common ones:

1. Tie

Stroke is the most representative type of wife Thunder.It is characterized by setting tie on the waist, which can adjust the size of the waist and set the hip curve at the same time.With over -knee unified socks, it can show the beauty and sexy of women.

2. Covenant

The knot -type wife Xunlei is set on the back or neck to set a rope to tighten the effect of tightening the chest by tightening the rope.At the same time, it is different from the lace -up, and the knot type does not need to adjust the appearance of the wrinkles.Therefore, its sexy is also more visually impact.

What kind of women are suitable for wearing wives Thunder?

In fact, wife Thunder is not just prepared for married women. Any woman can choose this underwear.However, it is more suitable for women who want to lock men’s souls with sexy sexy.In addition, standing and walking are not tired, and it is particularly comfortable to wear. Therefore, it is suitable for women who wear long -term wear and relax.

How to match his wife Thunder?

With a wife Thunder, you can try the following ways:


1. With a tight skirt

With a tight skirt, it can show the sexy of his wife Thunder and the feminine temperament.At the same time, if you choose a green tight skirt to match, you can highlight the fairness and slender skin.

2. With a black dress

With a black dress can reflect the maturity and intellectual nature of women.Moreover, the black dress with his wife Thunder can highlight the gracefulness of the woman’s figure.

3. With a high -waist jeans

High -waisted jeans can perfectly combine his wife Thunder and top.Wearing this way can better show the charm and temperament of women, while also highlighting women’s waist and thigh lines.

How to maintain his wife Thunder?

The following points need to be paid attention to in maintaining wife Thunder:

1. Do not clean it with a washing machine

Wife Thunder is a fine underwear. Do not wash it with a washing machine to avoid damage to damage.You can rub it gently with your hands, and then put dry water on a special drainage frame.

2. Do not use detergent

The detergent will damage the fabric of the wife Thunder underwear, so do not use it.Instead, it is cleaned with a special dry cleaning cleaner.

3. Regular replacement

Wife Xunlei is a kind of lingerie that is easy to aging. It is recommended to replace regularly.If a wear or naked line head appears on the underwear, be sure to replace it immediately.


Wife Xunlei is undoubtedly a sexy underwear that is very suitable for women, which can satisfy women who want to show sexy, but not too exposed.No matter what style of wives you choose, it is the most important to match your body and temperament.