Is it easy to illegally illegally Taobao lingerie Taobao?

Under what circumstances will be considered illegal

Selling sexy underwear on Taobao is a legal act, but in some cases, it may be considered illegal behavior. For example, sellers have some pictures that prohibit vocabulary or erotic hints in the product description, which will be considered illegal.

In addition, if the seller uses the names, adjectives, or comments with specific groups such as gender, skin color, religion, race, etc., it will also be considered illegal.Such behaviors will have adverse effects on users on Taobao platforms and will also cause the platform to be in trouble.

How to avoid being considered illegal

If you are a sexy underwear seller, you need to avoid being considered illegal, you need to pay attention to the following matters.

Good product description

A good product description allows consumers to better understand and recognize your products, thereby increasing sales.When writing a product description, use standardized language to avoid using vocabulary and pictures with discrimination and pornography. This is also a way to avoid being considered illegal.

Avoid using discrimination vocabulary

Sometimes sellers use some adjectives with gender, skin tone, religion, and racial discrimination in order to attract more attention and click -through rates.This behavior is unacceptable, and you should avoid using similar vocabulary or comments to describe the product.

Law and compliant operation method

In order to avoid being considered illegal, sexy underwear sellers need to operate their own stores and products legally and compliantly.During the operation, it is necessary to strictly follow the operating specifications of the Taobao platform, and the seller needs to follow and follow the changes in policies and regulations.In addition, sellers should follow the public morality, which is not good for products, descriptions, and promotion to deceive, and it does not speculate in vulgar content.

What are the forms of punishment

If you are considered illegal, the Taobao platform will punish you according to the specific situation.The specific form of punishment is the following points:

Banned shop

The banned store may be one of the most severe punishment methods on Taobao. If your shop is banned, it will not be able to conduct any transactions on Taobao.This will have a great negative impact on your business.

Temporary restrictions on transactions

Sometimes sellers are temporarily prohibited by some illegal acts.This limit is sometimes limited, usually from one month to six months.During the restriction period, you will not be able to trade or use related services provided by Taobao.


It is more common for sellers to be fined for certain violations.If you are punished, you need to pay the corresponding fee, and once you pay, the corresponding amount will not be refunded.

How to deal with violations

If you are considered illegal, there are the following ways:

Delete the illegal content now

If there are some prohibited vocabulary or pictures in your product description, you need to modify or delete it in time.The Taobao platform has very strict regulations, as long as you make them request.

Solve the problem through the platform appeal mechanism

If you think you are dealt with and think that you have no violations, you can solve the problem through the appeal mechanism of the Taobao platform.However, before the appeal, you need to have a clear understanding of your own situation and operation, otherwise the appeal will probably end.


Each Taobao seller must follow the Taobao platform specification, and as long as your product description and operation method meets the requirements of Taobao, you don’t have to worry about being considered illegal and triggers punishment.If the seller encounters illegal treatment, he needs to make adjustments and actively appeal as soon as possible, so as to reduce subsequent punishment.

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