My boyfriend is always called buying sexy underwear

Why is my boyfriend always called buying sex underwear

If your boyfriend often makes you buy a sexy underwear, you may be confused.Why are men so fascinated by these clothes?The following is some possible reasons.

Sexual fantasy stimulation

From the "colorful" sexy underwear to the bold perspective design, these clothes will provoke men’s sexual fantasy.Men usually like to wear these clothes, because it can bring them extra stimuli and pleasure.

Enhanced sexual life

As mentioned above, sexy underwear can stimulate sexual fantasies, and it can also enhance interest and make the sexual life of you and your boyfriend more interesting and passionate.

Enhance confidence and self -esteem

Sexy and gender feel are usually related to clothing.Seeing her sexy underwear, women often feel more confident and self -esteem.Similarly, men seeing their girlfriends wearing sexy underwear will give them a feeling of challenge and "conquest", which also enhances their confidence.

Pursue a sense of freshness and inspire yourself

Men always want to maintain a sense of freshness, as well as in emotional life.They want to show their taste and adventure spirit, bring surprises to their girlfriends, and inspire their own desire to express.

How to buy gifts for girlfriend

Many men buy sexy underwear, purely to make their girlfriends happy, and show their considerations and care for her love and care.

Simulation toy

The design of some sexy underwear is to simulate some sex toys, or part of the sex game.Men may want to use these clothes to increase the joy and excitement of sexual life.

In order to change the ordinary boring sex life

For some men and women who have been in love or have been married for many years, their sexual life may become ordinary and boring.Buying sexy underwear can help stimulate the sexual life of both parties and let them regain their passion and freshness.


Men buy sexy underwear or let their girlfriend wear sexy underwear may be due to various reasons.If you consider these factors above, you will have a better understanding of why men’s bonsai friends buy sexy underwear.The most important thing is that sexy or sexy underwear can make people find the enthusiasm of sexual life and make the whole experience more interesting and rich.

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