Open crotch sex underwear mm

Open crotch sex underwear mm

Open crotch sex underwear mm

What is open crotch sexy underwear

Open crotch erotic underwear is a female sexy underwear. Unlike ordinary underwear, it opens the crotch in private places to facilitate women to perform sexual behavior. Therefore, it is suitable for women who want to get more excitement.There are various styles of open crotch sex lingerie, such as splitting, T -type, G chain, beach, etc. In short, it is more sexy than ordinary underwear.

The material of the open crotch sex lingerie

The material of the open crotch sex underwear is generally made of soft fabrics such as silk, lace, and many of them made from sexy high elastic materials.The quality and elasticity of these materials determine the comfort and fit of wearing.

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Who is suitable for wearing open crotch sexy underwear

Putting on the crotch’s sexy underwear requires certain self -confidence and courage, so not all women are suitable for wearing.Women who are suitable for open crotch lingerie are generally more confident and dare to try new things, and also have certain sexual experience and sexual concepts.However, if you feel unacceptable, you can also consider trying the sexy underwear in form.

How to choose the open crotch sex underwear that suits you

When choosing to open the crotch sex underwear, you need to pay attention to the size, material and style.First, ensure that the size is appropriate to avoid affecting wearing comfort.Secondly, choose soft and comfortable materials to ensure comfort.Finally, you must choose different styles according to your preferences and figures, such as T -type suitable for women with larger hip types, and split -style women with petite figure and full chest.

Open crotch sex underwear maintenance

Open crotch sex underwear needs to be cleaned and disinfected in time after use to ensure safety and hygiene.Gently wash with warm water and a small amount of neutral detergent, do not use high temperature drying, or bleach.It is best to dry naturally in the cool place to avoid damage to the material.

The relationship between opening the crotch sex lingerie and health

Putting on the crotch’s sexy underwear has no specific impact on women’s health, but it is important to note that it is necessary to maintain hygiene during wearing and sexual behavior to avoid problems such as bacterial infection and inflammation.

Precautions for the use of open crotch sex underwear

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Pay attention to the following points when using open crotch sexy underwear:

Before wearing, you need to clean and disinfection carefully

Make sure the size is appropriate when worn, and pay attention to the position of the wearable

If there is tingling or discomfort, it should be stopped

Pay attention to personal hygiene and safety during use

After use, it needs to be cleaned and disinfected in time to maintain the service life

The price of open crotch sex lingerie

The price of open crotch sex lingerie varies from factors such as brands, materials, and styles. The price of ordinary styles is about 100 yuan, while high -level brands and materials require thousands of yuan or higher.

The difference between open crotch sex lingerie and traditional sexy underwear

Compared with traditional sexy underwear, the difference between opening crotch and sexy underwear is to open crotch in the private part, more sexy and convenient sex.Traditional underwear pays more attention to beauty and comfort, and is relatively low to sexy.

The meaning of open crotch sex lingerie

Open crotch sex underwear plays a certain auxiliary role in sex, which can increase the degree of stimulation and interest of sexual behavior.At the same time, it also reflects the initiative and exploration attitude of women.However, wearing open -crotch sex underwear does not mean that women are very open or indulgent. This is just a way of personal preferences and attempts.

in conclusion

As a sexy underwear, the open crotch sex underwear has the characteristics of more playful and dare to try, but it is not suitable for all women.You need to choose the right style, material and size before use, and pay attention to your hygiene and safety when wearing and sexual behavior.The final decision should be made by women to get a better sexual experience.