Personal sex underwear shop name

Personal sex underwear shop name


Interest underwear is a market that pursues aesthetics. Its popularity undoubtedly allows many women to give full play to their charm.And the name of the sex lingerie store is also very important because it determines the image of the store, and the information conveyed can also affect the customer’s purchase decision.Let’s take a look at how to select and determine the name of a personalized lingerie shop.

Brand characteristics

First of all, the choice of the name of the sex underwear shop must conform to the brand characteristics.Different brands have different tone and cultural connotations, so the name of the store must accurately convey these characteristics, letting people know at a glance what style and grade sexy underwear brand.


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Secondly, the sexy underwear market is fiercely competitive and there are many stores in the same industry. Therefore, if the store name can be differentiated, it will make your store easier to stand out in the store and be remembered and selected by customers.

Straightforward and simple

The name of the sexy underwear store is straightforward and simple, because when customers quickly experience various sexy underwear products, simple and straightforward information can be more popular.When customers remember the name of the store, they will naturally understand the store and increase their willingness to enter the store consumption.

Interesting humor

Interesting and humorous names are also easy to impress.The sexy underwear industry has a strong cultural heritage. Sometimes it integrates some interesting symbols or dual -level words in the name, which can not only add store fun, but also make customers impress the store.


The name can also be combined with the characteristics of the region or local cultural characteristics to make it closer to the taste of the locals, and it is more likely to be accepted and recognized by consumers.When you name it, you can consider the names of local journals such as "Seattle" and "New Yorker", or incorporate the local famous monuments, traditional folk customs and other factors into the name of the store.

Yi Pinye

The spelling and pronunciation of sexy underwear shop must be easy to remember, simple and easy to understand.If the store name is irregular or unpleasant, it will make it difficult for customers to remember and lose their interest in the store.

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Color matching

In addition to interesting and individuality, the name of the sexy underwear store must also cooperate with color.A clear signal shop name can be recognized at a glance, and it will be more harmonious and unified in the decoration store.The color of the store’s name is lively to increase the atmosphere in the store.

Pay attention to copyright

The name of the sex underwear shop is endless, but in the process of choosing a store name, be careful not to infringe the intellectual property rights of others.Especially in some celebrities, brand names, songs or other famous trademarks.Avoid the name of the store and other well -known brands, resulting in copyright litigation and causing losses.

Trial test

After the store name is determined, test the store name to see the consumer’s reaction.You can ask some people’s views on the store name on social media or in front of stores.The customer’s response can not only make accurate feedback, but also pave the way for the subsequent marketing of the store.


The name of the sexy underwear store of personality is critical to the brand’s brand promotion. The name of the store is in line with brand characteristics, differentiated, straightforward and simple, interesting humor, localization, easy -to -fight, color matchingThe name of the sexy underwear store can attract more customers to spend on the store.Selecting the appropriate name is not an easy task. Prepare some cards, write down all possible names, and then screen with the above criteria one by one. Finally, the final decision is obtained.