Quality, good or bad, sexy jersey

Quality, good or bad, sexy jersey


Sex underwear has become one of the must -have for modern women’s life, but in the process of buying sexy underwear, many people will ignore one of the very important factor -quality.The quality of quality is directly related to the comfort and service life of sexy underwear.In this article, we will explore the related issues of good quality and sexy underwear in depth.

Wearing comfort

The first element of sexy underwear is comfort.A high -quality erotic underwear should be very comfortable, and it will not tighten, scratch or compress the body too much.Poor quality of sexy underwear may be worn on the skin, causing discomfort and even dermatitis.Therefore, you must pay attention to the comfort of wearing when buying sexy underwear.

Key of material

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The quality and material of sexy underwear are also closely related.Especially for the location of the body, such as underwear lining, chest pads, steel rings, etc., the material is really good or not.Some low -quality materials may be too weak and even affect health.Pay special attention to the material label, fabric feel, and observe the details of the underwear.

Style and details

Another key factor is the style and details of the underwear.In addition to the lines commensurate with the characteristics of the body and the characteristics of each female, the details of the underwear are also an important criterion for judgment.The design of the underwear should be reasonable, and there should be no problems such as roughness and hairy details at the details. Otherwise, it will affect the beauty and wear experience of the underwear.

Cleaning requirements

Some sexy underwear is relatively sexy, and the material will be different from ordinary underwear fabrics. Pay special attention to cleaning methods.Good quality of sexy underwear is often carried with cleaning instructions. At any time, hot water should not be used, which will affect the life of the underwear.Especially dark underwear such as black and red, dry cleaning movements are even more important.


No matter what kind of sexy style with, a suitable size sex underwear must have strong elasticity and rebound force.In the process of multiple washing and wearing, it can maintain repeated elasticity to achieve the ideal wearing effect of the product. For consumers, it is also one of the most basic purchase needs.


Another measuring criterion for sex underwear is the workmanship details.Good erotic underwear should be exquisite in detail, which plays the purpose of packaging and modifying the body.All underwear manufacturers should be based on manual and mechanical underwear production methods. They rely on the machine’s production cycle and poor quality without excessive relying on the machine’s production cycle.

Sexy Costumes

Procurement place

It is particularly important to choose the right purchasing venue.This includes the choice of online and offline purchases, as well as choosing good supply, professional sexy underwear brands/shops, etc.In terms of product health, quality, accurate size, and genuine guarantee, some brands of sexy underwear brands with high -quality and genuine guarantees are worth recommending.

Price and quality relationship

Finally, it is clear that good erotic underwear does not necessarily mean high prices.On the contrary, through more research, in terms of quality, wearing comfort and design styles, the cost -effective sexy underwear also exists on the market.

in conclusion

Quality and bad sexy underwear are essential for women’s quality of life and health.It is hoped that female consumers will focus on wearing comfort, material texture, style design, cleaning method and other factors when buying, and choose a comprehensive high -quality sexy underwear for themselves.