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With the continuous development of society, people’s concepts of sex continue to be upgraded, especially women’s attitudes and needs for sexual life are more rational and liberalized, so interest underwear has attracted more and more attention and sought after.

Challenge for selling sexy underwear

Although the demand for sexy underwear on the market is growing, at the same time, sales of sexy underwear are more difficult than other items, mainly caused by the following reasons::

Consumption’s doubt about sexy underwear and shy psychology: For many people, sexual life is still a topic that is unwilling to talk.They may not know what they want, and they do not know how to choose and buy sexy underwear.

The difference between the quality of sex underwear and the price of price prices: Due to the different quality standards of manufacturers and suppliers, the price of sexy underwear is very different, which will make some consumers discourage.

The competition for online sales is fierce: Although many erotic lingerie brands are only sold through e -commerce, this also means that the brand’s competitive pressure is greater.

How to sell sexy underwear

Although there is a challenge for sales of sexy underwear, there are several ways to help sell sexy underwear:

Limited time discount and promotional activities

When selling sexy underwear, you can use limited time discounts and promotional activities to attract consumers’ attention.Such activities may include discount promotion and shopping discounts.

Content marketing

Traditional ads are not necessarily suitable for selling sexy underwear, because some consumers may feel that this marketing method is too aggressive.In contrast, content marketing can help sex underwear brands and consumers establish trust relationships and allow consumers to have a deeper understanding of products.This marketing method includes blog articles, social media and video marketing.

Professional customer service support

To help consumers choose the right sexy underwear may require some professional knowledge.By providing professional knowledge and helping difficult problems, your team can help consumers make the right choice.

Innovative packaging design

Packaging can be a key factor in selling sexy underwear.A good design can achieve better sales performance and reputation.You can try innovative packaging methods such as surprise boxes to attract consumers’ attention.

Common sexy underwear types

Understanding the type of love underwear can help sales staff provide better services to customers.The following are several common sexy underwear types:

Body -like sexy underwear

This kind of sexy underwear can change the body lines when necessary, absorb the relaxation of the skin and the accumulation of fat. On this basis, it can shape the body beauty from the inside to the outside.

Sexy Lingerie

It is more classic from easy fashion models to high -level sexy style models.Moreover, they are good at highlighting women’s body curves, and made through high -quality fabrics and handmade to achieve sexy effects.

Flooding underwear

In response to the emotional needs between men and women, this sexy underwear focuses on the culture and emotional aesthetics that reflects sex, and highlight the healthy interaction between men and women.

Reasonable price positioning of sexy underwear

In fact, the pricing of sexy underwear has always been a difficult point for sales staff.However, we can also learn the experience of traveling together and master some techniques about the price positioning of sexy underwear, including:

Price according to the income level of the target market

Understanding the economic situation of the audience can better formulate a suitable price for them, and at the same time formulate sustainable development prices based on the consumption power of the audience, and help increase sales.

Preferential sales volume

When selling sexy underwear, consider providing sales discounts for customers with a large purchase amount to attract them to buy more and give the goods to higher value.

Fixed price

For some sexy underwear, the price is also a good choice. This can make the details more focused and increase the brand value.

Market direction and future development

At present, the potential of the sexy underwear market is huge, especially when the increasing attention of the women’s market has become one of the new directions of the clothing industry, and the concept of sexy underwear has changed from simple functional style to high -level sexy styles.EssenceWith the continuous changes in user needs and fashion trends, it is expected that the sexy underwear market will develop very quickly in the next few years, attracting more and more consumers and manufacturers.Therefore, we should attach importance to the market’s market, meet customer needs, and promote the development of this market.


Judging from the sales trend over the years, the sexy underwear market is continuously expanding, becoming one of the development direction of the future clothing industry.With the increasing popularity of the sense of pleasure brought by buying sexy underwear, there is still a lot of development space and prospects in the future sex underwear sales market. We should take this market seriously and provide consumers with better services.

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