Seraphed underwear

Seraphed underwear

Interest underwear is one of the fashion categories of men and women’s hobbies in modern cities, but how to correctly clean and dry sexy underwear has always been a problem that many friends care about.Here I will introduce you to the cleaning and drying of sexy underwear in detail.

# Select the right detergent

Interest underwear, like ordinary underwear, needs to be cleaned with detergent.However, ordinary laundry powder or laundry liquid contains chemical ingredients and may cause damage to the texture and color of sexy underwear.Therefore, we need to choose a dedicated detergent to clean the sexy underwear.Such detergents often not only contain harmful chemicals, but also can effectively remove bacteria and stains in underwear, but also have a certain nursing effect.

# Mild cleaning method

When cleaning the sexy underwear, cleaning is needed in a gentle way.On the one hand, too rough cleaning methods will damage the texture of the underwear. On the other hand, if there is no cleaning and residue, it will cause damage to the skin.Therefore, it is best to use the handwashing method to clean the underwear separately and use neutral warm water to clean it. Do not use overheated water.In addition, try not to use the washing machine to wash the sexy underwear to avoid damaging its detailed texture.

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# Note the material of the underwear

The same type of sexy underwear may be made of different materials, such as silk and lace. Therefore, choosing the appropriate detergent and cleaning method also requires adjustment of the material.For example, silk underwear needs to be cleaned with a special silk detergent and uses hand washing, while lace underwear needs to be cleaned by gently shaking and squeezing.

# Note the color of the underwear

The color of the underwear is also a question that needs to be paid attention to.Especially dark underwear such as black and red, it is particularly important to use special detergents and use proper cleaning methods.At the same time, it should be noted that underwear of different colors should not be washed as much as possible, and color differences are prone to dyeing.

# Do not rub over too much

The erotic underwear is more fine, and the too intense rubbing process can easily destroy the details and cause it to deform.Therefore, in the process of hand washing, try to use gently rubbing and squeezing methods to avoid excessive rubbing as much as possible.

# Do not use bleach

Using a large amount of bleach will cause damage to the texture and color of the underwear.Therefore, when cleaning sex underwear, avoid use of bleach.

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After washing the underwear, you need to dry it.However, the soft texture underwear, if it is dry or dry, it is easy to deform the shape, or hurt the clothing.

#The appropriate drying method

The correct drying method for sexy underwear can prevent underwear from being damaged.For example, when drying sexy underwear, try to avoid using a mechanical air -drying method. It is best to put them horizontally in a ventilated place, or hang underwear with a hanger with appropriate lining to ensure the quality of the underwear.

# 禁

Sex underwear cannot be brought back to the machine to dry. If you choose to dry outdoors, you need to choose a place to avoid direct sunlight, because exposure will damage the quality of the sexy underwear and shorten the life of the underwear.

# 小 小 小

When ironing in erotic underwear, be very careful to avoid damage to the details of the sexy underwear.A better way is to hang the sexy underwear as much as possible during the drying process, or use the steam iron to play a role in ironing the sexy underwear.

When washing the sexy underwear, you need to pay special attention to choosing the right detergent and cleaning method, and notice the material and color of the sexy underwear, and avoid excessive rubbing, use bleach, and improper ironing.Only by taking the correct method to wash the underwear can we ensure its quality and extend the life of the underwear, and make our sex life more healthy and happy.