Sex underwear as a swimsuit, do you wear it?

Sex underwear as a swimsuit, do you wear it?

Sex underwear as a swimsuit, do you wear it?

The difference between sexy underwear and swimsuit

We need to understand the difference between love underwear and swimsuit before exploring whether sexy underwear is suitable for wearing.Interest underwear is usually designed to increase sexual interest, and the material is more diverse.In contrast, the design of the swimsuit is to avoid excessive skin, and it also considers waterproof and breathable in the material.

Whether the material of sex underwear is suitable for the pool environment

The chemicals contained in the pool, such as chlorine, will affect the material of the clothing.The material used in sex underwear is usually silk, gauze, lace, etc. These materials are vulnerable to the influence of chemicals and deform or change color, so they are not suitable for wearing in the pool.

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Whether the design of sexy underwear can meet the needs of swimming and swimming

The design of the swimsuit usually takes into account comfort and exercise needs, and has relatively close tailoring and good fixed performance.In contrast, the design of sexy underwear often pays more attention to stimulating each other visually, so it may be uncomfortable when wearing, and it is not convenient to perform the movement in the pool.

Whether sexy underwear is breathable and fast dry

The swimmers in the swimming pool will definitely contact the water, so they must consider the breathability and fast dryness of the material when buying a swimsuit.In contrast, erotic underwear does not necessarily have these characteristics, which is one of the reasons why it is not suitable for wearing in the pool.

Is the color of sex lingerie suitable for the pool environment?

Sex underwear usually uses bright colors and fancy patterns, and when wearing in the pool, you need to consider whether the color can withstand the impact of light and chemicals in the swimming pool.If the color is too bright, it may affect the swimming experience of other users due to pigment exudation.

Whether sexy underwear will affect the hygiene of the pool

Sex underwear is usually designed to increase sexual interest. The clothing may be residual secretions or sweat, which will affect the hygiene of the swimming pool.Therefore, it is not recommended to wear sex underwear as a swimsuit.

Whether the style of sex underwear is suitable for the pool environment

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The style of the swimsuit is usually divided into single and double -piece, of which double -piece swimsuit is more popular.The style of sexy underwear is mainly designed around the sexy and dew, and it is often designed with a single -piece design, which may not be decent in the swimming pool environment.

Different occasions of sexy underwear and swimsuits

Interest underwear is usually worn in private places, emphasizing sexy and privacy; while swimsuit is wearing in public places, paying more attention to comfort and public hygiene.Therefore, when choosing clothes and clothing, different occasions and dressing needs need to be considered.

Whether the freedom is prohibited

In some public swimming pools, there may be stipulated that swimsuits must be a professional swimsuit, and wearing ordinary clothes or other clothing must be prohibited from entering the swimming pool.Therefore, when choosing to install, it is necessary to consider the relevant provisions of the pool and control measures.

in conclusion

As a specially designed clothing, it is not appropriate to wear sex underwear in the pool.In addition to limiting factors such as materials, color, style, breathability, and fast dryness, the design of sexy underwear lacks the comfort and sporty needs of a swimsuit. It may be uncomfortable or even affect other swimming pool users when wearing.Therefore, it is recommended to wear a swimsuit in a swimming pool to avoid affecting the hygiene of the swimming pool and the experience of others.