Sex underwear model shooting recruitment

Sex underwear model shooting recruitment

Recruitment of sexy underwear model: Why recruit sexy underwear model?

Interest underwear is one of the products that have been growing in market demand in recent years.For sexy underwear brands, because of the variety of sexy lingerie styles, they need to find models with beautiful figure, charming appearance, and brand image to take products to promote photos.And this requires recruiting a group of professional sexy underwear models.

What elements should standard sexy underwear models have?

Standard sexy underwear models should have a stylish aesthetic concept.In addition, their smiles, eyes, movements, and postures need to be personalized and special in front of the camera.These elements make the product image of sexy underwear more perfect.

What should we pay attention to when shooting?

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Interesting underwear models should pay attention to positioning, especially the attitude of placing hands and feet needs to be specially considered.Pay attention to the emotions and atmospheres to be conveyed by expressions, and fully show the characteristics and combination of the product. These are the key to the perfect and sexy.

Should the model’s figure be "hot"?

The body proportion of sexy underwear models is better, which is stronger than mechanically.However, it is not to say that every sexy underwear model must have the element of "hot" body size.But the shape needs to be more beautiful, and the body should not be too hot. After all, this is sexy underwear and non -sexy clothes.

Does the model industry need cultural and knowledge level support?

The modeling industry requires a certain cultural level and knowledge reserves.Interest underwear models need to have certain product knowledge and professional terms.In addition, it is necessary to have certain performance art skills and communication skills, which is consistent with the brand and shooting budget.

Do I need a good characteristic and coquettish in sexy underwear model?

Sex underwear models need to have a certain characteristics and coquettish sense.Expressing the special sexy style to the most limited is one of the important market advantages of the lingerie, and the mysterious sense of mysteriousness hidden in the underwear attracts customers.The harmoniousness and sexuality of the posture and movement during shooting are also extremely important.

Interview and selection criteria for sexy underwear models:

The interviews and selection standards of sexy underwear models are very strict, including factors such as height, age, skin color, and facial features.As a model of most brands, it should usually be between the age of 18 and 30, between 1.6-1.75 meters, weighing flawless skin between 50 kg and 60 kg, and the features are coordinated and distinctive.The fashion aesthetics is different from ordinary models.

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What preparations do you need before shooting?

Interesting underwear model shooting needs to prepare a certain amount of makeup, shapes and clothing in advance, and even the details of underwear, select the suitable color tone to match manufacturers and fashion brands.This requires a lot of labor costs, so before shooting, we must prepare carefully before shooting.

How to protect the rights of sexy underwear models?

When the sexy underwear model is filmed, the relevant agreement will be signed to use photos and videos reasonably and legally within the scope of empowerment.However, if the use of Fang Fang infringement of models, you need to understand the relevant provisions of the law in advance, allow the brand to establish a more standardized self -discipline mechanism, and fully protect the model’s right to know, portrait, personal rights, and privacy rights.


Interesting underwear models are an indispensable part of promoting sales of sexy underwear products. Their beauty, temperament and energy, and performance art capabilities have a very important role in the sales and marketing of underwear.When recruitment of models, in addition to the body requirements, the brand seek cooperation with the model, and also needs to find sex underwear models that meet the requirements of brand positioning and image conveying requirements.