Sex underwear pinch chest dynamic pictures Europe and the United States

The chest is the most attractive part of women

The chest is the most attractive part of women, and the design of sexy underwear is to highlight and emphasize this feature.Among them, the dynamic picture of pinching the chest is a major feature of European and American sexy underwear.

What is a dynamic picture of the chest

The so -called dynamic picture of the chest refers to the visual effects of pinching the chest by setting up special elastic materials or hidden steel wires on the breast to achieve the visual effect of the breasts.This design can make women’s chest look fuller and abundant, making the wearer more tempting.

Dynamic picture types in sexy underwear

In European and American sexy underwear, there are many types of dynamic pictures on the chest.Some underwear designs are wrapped in the breasts, making the chest look tight; while some underwear expose the breasts through transparent fabrics, and then set the chest material on the exposed part to make the breasts look more attractive.

How to choose a dynamic pictures that are suitable for you?

It is not difficult to choose a dynamic pictures suitable for you.First of all, you must choose brand underwear with fine workmanship and reliable quality. Second, you must choose the appropriate style according to factors such as the size, shape, and figure of the breast to ensure that the wearer maximizes his personal advantages.

Falling underwear Dynamic pictures of dynamic pictures

In order to make the dynamic picture of the chest show the best visual effect, wearing skills are also very important.Before wearer, you need to adjust the shoulder straps and straps of the bra to a suitable position to ensure that the breasts can fully fit the underwear; then, the breasts can make the breasts look plump and seductive with some chest stickers or chest pads.

Pin the chest dynamic picture sex underwear usage scene

Dynamic pictures of the chest, sexy underwear is very tempting, suitable for use in emotional life and bed life.Especially when wearing sexy moments, women can make women more confident and sexy, and can also add more fun to the sexual life of two people.

Women wearing dynamic pictures of dynamic pictures of sexual underwear in sexual changes in sexy underwear

Wearing a dynamic picture of the breasts, women will quickly transform into a sexy and confident role in psychological, and this self -confidence and charm will also be shown through eyes and posture.In bed, women will become more active and open because wearing sexy underwear, which will increase the interest and fun of sexual life.

The crowd of pinching the chest dynamic picture in sex underwear is not suitable

Not all women are suitable for wearing dynamic pictures of dynamic pictures of the chest, especially those women with large breasts, drooping or plastic surgery, need to choose and match carefully.In addition, women who are older or more obese are not suitable for wearing too attractive sexy underwear.

How to correctly protect the dynamic picture parts in the breast underwear?

Maintaining the dynamic picture part of the breasts in sexy underwear is very important, which can make the lingerie life longer and more practical.It should be noted that the dynamic picture part of the chest is generally not suitable for machine washing. You can wash it by hand or a professional washing bag.At the same time, it is also necessary to avoid improper use of heavy pressure, friction and sun exposure.


The above is the introduction of dynamic pictures of the chest pinch in Europe and the United States. Suitable wearing skills and usage scenarios, unsuitable people and correct maintenance methods.Choosing the right sexy underwear can make you more confident and attractive at sexy moments!

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