Sexual underwear training series

Sexual underwear training series

Understand love underwear

Fun underwear training is a way to add interest and excitement to the relationship between the two.It involves wearing sexy and sultry sexy underwear, and achieves the purpose of training partners in various ways.In this article, we will introduce the basic knowledge of sexy underwear.

Choose a suitable sexy underwear

Before the erotic lingerie training, you need to choose a suitable sexy underwear.This includes the style, color and texture of the underwear.Jasper, red, black and other colors are sexy colors, and the texture of silk, lace, mesh eyes can also increase the sexy effect.

Learn about different styles of sexy underwear

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There are many different styles to choose from in sex underwear, such as bra, underwear, jumpsuit, etc.You need to understand the occasions and effects suitable for each style, and choose the style suitable for you and your partner.

Use sexy underwear to increase interest

Interest underwear can increase interest and excitement, and inject new vitality into the sexual life of the two.Wearing sexy underwear can make you feel more confident, and at the same time you can inspire your partner’s desire.

Fun underwear training skills

Instead of sexy underwear can be carried out in various ways, such as hints, language, and movements.You need to understand these techniques and use it flexibly in the training game.

Communication is the key

During the sexual underwear, communication is very important.You need to negotiate and confirm with your partner to understand the wishes and boundaries of the other party.Communication allows you to achieve the goal and enjoy the process of training.

Understand the boundary

The boundaries of tuning refer to the boundary that both sides can accept during the training.You need to understand each other’s boundaries and abide by the requirements of both parties, and do not surpass each other’s bottom line.

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Try a new way of training

Instead of sexy underwear is not static.You can try new training methods, such as guessing games, role -playing, etc. to increase freshness and stimulation.

Pay attention to hygiene issues

The underwear used in sexy underwear needs to be cleaned and disinfected frequently to avoid disease transmission.At the same time, you also need to pay attention to self -protection, so as not to cause health problems during the training process.


Instead of sexy underwear is an interesting and exciting sexual lifestyle.Understand the basic knowledge and skills of training, choose suitable sexy underwear, obey boundaries and pay attention to hygiene issues, allow you to inspire more emotions and desires in the process of training.