Sexy lingerie chest

Sexy lingerie chest

The role of a bra

Interesting lingerie chest refers to a kind of protection and beautification worn on the upper body of women.Its role is to support breasts, shaping and modifying women’s chest lines.The wear of the bra can prevent breast sagging, reduce the pressure of the breast, and keep the breast curve beautiful.It is an important guarantee for maintaining women’s perfect curves and beautiful images.

How to correctly choose sexy lingerie bra

It is very important to choose a sexy underwear that suits you. An inappropriate sex lingerie bra will cause adverse effects on the breast and the entire body.The following aspects should be considered in the correct selection of sexy lingerie bras:


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Size is an important indicator for choosing sexy lingerie bras, measure the size of the chest as accurately, and choose the sexy lingerie bra that closest to its own size.


The material of sexy underwear bras is important for wearing experience and health care.High -quality sexy lords should be soft, breathable, elastic, antibacterial, and moderate hygroscopic.


Different styles are suitable for different occasions and situations.Such as sport -type bra, flat -mouth bra, triangular lingerie bra, drip -type bra, etc.Choosing a style that suits you can make it more suitable and comfortable.

Method of wear

When wearing sexy lingerie bra, you must pay attention to the correct method of dressing to avoid affecting its role.Correctly wearing a breasts should ensure that the breasts are completely covered with the bray cup type, and the shoulder straps and buttons should be appropriate.

Types of sexy underwear bra

Classified by cup type

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Based on cup types to classify bras, it can be divided into full cups, one -third of the cup, one -fifth cup, etc.These different cups of bras are suitable for breasts of different shapes. The typical feature of the whole cup is better fixing and parceling. It is suitable for women with full breasts. One -fifth cup is suitable for women with flat chests.

Classified according to shoulder straps

The bras that are classified according to the shoulder can be divided into conventional shoulder straps, shoulder straps, and shoulder straps.Among them, the sexy lingerie chest without straps is very practical when wearing special occasions.

Classified according to use

Interesting lingerie bra can also be classified according to use, such as swimwear bra, sports bra, sleep bra, gathered bra, and so on.Interesting lingerie bras of different uses need to be selected on different occasions to better play its due role.

Some tips

Improper wearing of sexy lingerie can affect its effect. The following are some wearable skills:


Trying sexy lingerie bras can help choose the most suitable sexy lingerie bra.


Interest lingerie bras need to be cleaned and maintained regularly to ensure its lasting effect.

choose the color

Light -colored and white sex lingerie bras are suitable for light -colored clothes, while black and dark bras are suitable for dark clothes.

in conclusion

Interesting lingerie bras are one of the essentials for women. When buying, you should choose according to your body size, group, image and needs.Choosing a sexy lingerie chest that suits you can make women more confident and beautiful, and at the same time play a health care role.