Sexy underwear beauty model peacock

Sexy underwear beauty model peacock

Sexy underwear beauty model peacock


The design of sexy underwear has long been simply satisfied with function, but has become a combination of fashion and art.Among many sexy lingerie brands, peacock products are very popular, and their spokespersons and models are even more noticeable.This article will introduce the spokespersons and models of peacock sex underwear to show you their style.

brand introduction

Peacock is a brand focusing on sexy underwear design and sales.Its product is famous for its high -quality and innovative design, which not only meets consumers’ sexual needs, but also meets its fashion and art needs.The brand produced by this brand has a variety of styles, including adult sexy underwear, European and American sexy underwear, sexy lingerie and other styles.The brand aims to bring consumers an unprecedented fashion experience.

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Introduction to the spokesperson

The spokesperson for the peacock sex lingerie is the well -known British model Kate Jop.Kate has many years of experience in the modeling industry, and its elegant temperament and excellent performance have been praised by the industry.At the same time, she is a social activist who has long been committed to charity for a long time.Kate Jop’s endorsement makes the peacock brand pay more attention to quality and taste, and become a role model for the entire industry.

Model introduction

The model of the peacock sex underwear is Canadian actress Emily Rudorf.Emily is a girl full of vitality and passion. Her outstanding performance and fashion experience made her one of the leaders of the industry.She has been the spokesperson and model of Peacock’s sexy underwear for many years, passing the charm of the brand to consumers around the world.Emily Rudorf’s endorsement has injected a vitality to the peacock brand, allowing consumers to better understand the brand and enhance the brand trust.

Style introduction

There are many types of sexy underwear of the peacock brand. Some of the more classic styles include:

High -waist lace jacket

The fun underwear of this style is designed with high waist, and the soft lace fabric reflects the grace of women.This sex underwear not only has sexy visual effects, but also can shape the body shape and highlight the beauty of the body.

Puff skirt milk sticker


The fun underwear of this style uses soft silk fabrics, tough and elastic, with fluffy lace skirts and flower ring elements, making women look more gentle and charming.At the same time, the milk sticker has the effect of strengthening the breasts, good comfort, uniquely wearing but not sexy.

Luminous vest

The sexy underwear of this style is designed with luminous fabric and rose ring element, which is loved by young women.Putting on this sexy underwear can show unique fashion charm and young vitality.


Peacock’s sexy underwear insists on comfort and beauty as the design criterion, and the control of details and the choice of materials pay attention to.Whether it is high -quality fabric and the design of ergonomics, it can ensure the comfort of the wearer.At the same time, the brand focuses on the processing of details, such as sewing, three -dimensional cutting, etc., creating a better feeling of use, and allowing the wearer to feel more confident and relaxed in daily life.


Because the peacock sexy underwear uses high -quality fabrics, in order to maintain its long -term service life and appearance effects, special attention needs to be paid to its daily care.Under normal circumstances, you can wash it by hand, use warm water and neutral detergent when washing, and then air dry.Especially for the sexy underwear of lace fabrics, washing bags is recommended to avoid damage or scratching.

Brand Value

The peacock brand focuses on the combination of fashion and art, and advocates women’s pursuit of freedom, independence, confidence and aesthetics.Its product is diversified and is committed to bringing unprecedented consumption experience to consumers, creating a new consumption potential.This not only allows the brand to gain a foothold in the market, but also allows it to get more recognition and praise in the industry.


The spokespersons and models of peacock sex lingerie not only show the brand’s image, but also convey the values represented by the brand.As a product that integrates art and fashion, it perfectly combines women’s personality and beauty, bringing more self -confidence and charming charm to women.In the end, peacock sex underwear has also become an indispensable brand in fashion and art.