Sexy underwear catwalk C pants

Sexy underwear catwalk C pants


As a special women’s underwear, sexy underwear is not only a clothing of clothing, but also a way to express its charm.In various occasions, sexy underwear catwalk has become a trend. Among them, C pants are the most popular type of catwalk style. This article will introduce you in detail from the three aspects of C pants style, color, and brand.pants.


C pants are based on various materials such as silk, lace, lotus leaf edge, and the size also has small size, medium, large size, and large size to meet the needs of different women.The belt of the C pants is designed with a unique waist design, which can effectively close the waist lines, and at the same time make the hips more prominent.In addition, the style of C pants also has a variety of options such as high -waisted C pants, low -waist C pants, and waist C pants, which can meet different women’s preferences for style.


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In sexy underwear catwalks, the color of C pants is also very important.Generally speaking, colors such as black, white, red, pink are the main colors of C pants.Among them, black is a classic color that makes women thinner; white is a classic fresh color; red and pink can show women’s elegance and playful and cute.


In the erotic underwear catwalk, the brand has also become an important indicator of the quality and fashion of underwear.At present, there are many sexy underwear brands on the market, and each brand has its own characteristics. Therefore, we can choose the right brand according to our needs and preferences.For example, Amour, Joger, EFOLAR, Annil and other sexy underwear brands, as well as internationally renowned brand Victoria’s Secret, La Perla, etc.

Buying skills:

When choosing C pants with a watchy underwear, you need to pay attention to the following points:

When buying a brand, choose a formal brand, and pay attention to checking related documents such as quality certificates.

Choose the right size, where the small size is S code and M code, which is usually suitable for women with a height of less than 160 cm; medium code is suitable for women with 160 to 170 cm tall; large size is suitable for women with 170 to 180 cm tall;Women with a height of more than 180 cm.

Consider the tightness of the trouser head when buying.It is too tight and easy to printed marks, and Taisong is easy to fall.

Select color and material according to your body and skin tone.

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Dressing skills:

When wearing C pants with a sexy lingerie show, pay attention to the following points:

Before you wear it, you must wash it clean to prevent allergies of sensitive parts.

Avoid pulling, friction or scraping force.

To ensure that the underwear is fitted with the body during wearing to avoid being loose or too tight.

Choose the style and color of the underwear according to the style, occasion and preferences of your clothes.

Matching skills:

When matching the C -pants with a sexy lingerie, you need to match different clothing according to different styles and occasions.

In leisure, you can choose to match items such as shawls, short skirts, shorts.

In formal occasions, you can choose to match items such as dresses, long skirts, suits and high heels.

In dating, you can choose a lace top, perspective dress and other items.

Maintenance skills:

The C -pants of the sexy underwear show are noble underwear and require special maintenance methods.

Underwear should be cleaned immediately after wearing it, so as not to remove stains.

Do not use washing machines for cleaning, so as not to deform, fade and damage underwear.

Washing with special underwear cleaner should be used to avoid affecting underwear.

Gan the underwear in a naturally dry way to avoid the material of the sun and hot air.

Classic brand recommendation:

Classic brands are an important part of the sexy underwear. The following are several classic brands I recently recommended:

Victoria’s Secret: This is a 50 -year -old American sex lingerie brand, creating a variety of classic series with the image of supermodel.

La Perla: This is a Italian erotic underwear brand with a history of 120 years and is famous for its unique design concept and material.

Cosabella: This is a Italian sexy underwear brand, famous for its simple, fresh and comfortable design style.

in conclusion:

Each woman has its own style and taste, and different clothing can highlight different charm.The C pants in the sexy underwear are the best choice to show the charm and confidence of women.When choosing C pants of the sexy underwear catwalk, you need to choose the appropriate style, color and brand according to your needs, preferences and occasions, and use appropriate purchase, wear, matching and maintenance skills to show better results.