Sexy underwear catwalk music

Sexy underwear catwalk music

Sexy underwear catwalk music

As a sexy clothing, sexy underwear has always attracted the attention of women.When walking, music is one of the essential elements.So, what kind of music can better serve the sexy underwear show?This article will introduce the choice of sexy underwear show music from many aspects.

1. The purpose of sexy underwear catwalk show

What is the purpose of sexy underwear when walking the show?Selling products, promoting brands, attracting attention.Therefore, music should be based on product positioning, brand style, and cooperation to achieve the effect of attracting customers and shaping the brand image.

2. Music choices

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When the music was first selected, we should first pay attention to the appearance and style of the product itself, and choose according to the scale of the show.If it is a large catwalk, music needs more momentum and rhythm; on the contrary, if it is displayed in a small area, music can choose some relaxed, beautiful and smooth.

3. Music cooperation

Music needs to remain harmonious with the appearance, design, and size of the sexy underwear on the model; if the color of the sex underwear is dark and the lines are hard, the music can choose the violent and strong rhythm.If the sexy underwear is bright and soft, the music can choose a soft and brisk rhythm.

4. Types of music

At present, most of the sexy underwear catwalk music on the market is: electronics, popularity, dance music, original sound, jazz, blue tone, light music, etc.Therefore, when choosing, we must choose the most consistent type of music in combination with the design and style of sexy underwear.

5. Create of music atmosphere

When sexy underwear takes a show, the atmosphere of music must be suitable.In terms of guidance, music is indispensable.The atmosphere is divided into three parts: enthusiastic prelude, climax transition, and the weak end of the layout.

6. Master the rhythm of music

The premise of music following the rhythm is that the exhibitors need to have a clear understanding of the venue, flow, and situation.On these basiss, we can conventional analysis and comparison. Through judgment, it is finally selected to select the existing representative and fully expressing the style of the fashion brand style of sexy underwear.


7. The combination of music and dance

The combination of dance and music adds bonus points to the display of sexy underwear.But it is also full of risks.When choosing a dance, you must consider the gimmicks of the exhibitors and the purpose of showing underwear.Based on professional planning, the combination of good dance and music requires the best ups and downs, the best emotional presentation, and the best length. These elements form the best presentation of sexy underwear.

8. Matching art

Interest underwear catwalk show is not only a combination of music and clothing, but also needs to be matched in the aspects of lighting, dancing beauty, stage and other aspects.By expressing the details and characteristics of sexy underwear to achieve better display effects.

9. The trend of music selection

Today, more and more sexy underwear brands use unique elements to show their underwear works in combination with music and dance.Especially in terms of color, texture, and shape, constantly trying innovation, making all the catwalk activities organized look colorful.

10. Viewpoint

The choice of erotic underwear show music is very important. It must not only have the accuracy of adaptation of underwear style, but also to understand the venue, audience and brand style.Good music coordination will greatly increase the sales volume and brand awareness of the product, and lay a solid foundation for the success of sex underwear to the international market.