Sexy underwear punishment

Sexy underwear punishment

Interest underwear is an indispensable element in modern human life. It can not only enhance interest, but also create more fun.However, there are also some problems in the use of sexy underwear. One of the most common problems is punishment.Let ’s discuss the topic of sexy underwear punishment in detail.

1. What is sexy underwear punishment?

Interesting underwear punishment refers to being punished for some reasons in sex (such as not obedient, not cooperating, etc.), and punishment usually needs to use corresponding erotic underwear, such as chastity pants, handcuffs, footballs, mouthball, etc.Essence

2. Why do I need to punish sex underwear?

The biggest use of sexy underwear punishment is to enhance interest and make sexual life more irritating and challenging.At the same time, it can also enhance the interaction between couples and increase the tacit understanding and trust between each other.

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3. Precautions for sexy underwear punishment

Punishment of any sex underwear needs to pay attention to security and protect privacy.In the choice of sexy underwear, it is necessary to consider the acceptance of the other party to avoid too irritating or hurting the elegance.

4. How to choose the right punishment tool

When choosing a punishment tool, you need to try to judge the acceptance of the other party first. If it is first used, you should start with some gentle sexy underwear, such as small handcuffs.If the other party has psychological disorders or resistance, he should give up the idea and try to promote the intimate relationship between the two from other aspects.

5. Precautions for sexy underwear punishment

Pay attention to some small details with sexy underwear punishment, such as checking the safety of punishment tools, always paying attention to the psychological change of the other party, reasonable control of punishment means, and so on.

6. Questions that should be avoided when punishment of sexy underwear

When using sexy underwear punishment, you need to avoid excessive dependence on punishment, and you should not make the other party feel that he is the control of the control.At the same time, we must pay attention to the control of the atmosphere to avoid the punishment process that becomes too severe or make the other party unbearable.

7. The benefits of sexy underwear punishment


Sex underwear punishment can increase the fun and fun of sexual partners.It can increase the interaction between sexual partners, increase trust, and enhance the feelings and tacit understanding between sex partners.

8. How to avoid problems with sexy underwear punishment?

If you and your partner are keen to try sexy underwear punishment, then you need to actively understand and understand the problems that may be encountered during the punishment process in order to solve them in time.

9. Risk of sexy underwear punishment

Although sexy underwear punishment can improve interest, if there is deviation or too dependent on sexy underwear punishment in actual operation, it will bring certain risks, such as irreversible damage to the other party’s psychology or cause physical damage.

10. Conclusion

When choosing to use sexy underwear punishment, you need to fully consider the degree of acceptance of the two, the means of punishment and the adjustment of the atmosphere to avoid damage to the other party.Only on the basis of mutual trust and cooperation, sexy underwear punishment can truly achieve its effect.