Sexy underwear secret novel reading full text

Sexy underwear secret novel reading full text

Sexy underwear secret novel reading full text

In addition to increasing interest and regulating the relationship between husband and wife, sexy underwear is well known to many people, and they also play roles related to sex and eroticism.It is said that many people buy this underwear to stimulate their sexual desire and try new things in the bedroom.Another important role of sexy underwear is to become a secret saying. This secret saying can be learned by reading sex novels, studying related literary works, and understanding related communities.

Sexy, teasing, temptation underwear

For those who want to try to explore more in this field, sexy, teasing, and temptation of underwear may be a good starting point.This underwear is usually inspired by women’s forms.Sometimes they may be exposed, but they usually maintain the balance of sexy, teasing and temptation.This type of underwear is fashionable and energetic in the bedroom.Buying some models to win underwear makes you feel easy, because you can wear underwear like a model.

Uniform underwear

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In addition, the uniform series underwear is very popular. This underwear usually imitate various types of uniforms including nurses, police, maids, students, etc.The design of the uniform series of underwear is inspired by various types of occupations and scenarios, with the purpose of implementing various responsibilities.This underwear is often more rigorous, formal and standardized.The uniform series of underwear can create various role -playing scenes in the bedroom.

Leather, chain, chain series underwear

This sexy series underwear can also be divided into a variety of branches, such as leather, chain, chain rings series, etc.These underwear constitute a strange sexy relationship.Underwear in leather, chain, and chain series is usually made of measurement materials to guide you into the kit.This type of underwear is usually sharp, strong and full of authority. It is easy to evoke your boss, hostess or master the scene on the field during the role play.

Some hints and fun novels

In addition, enthusiasts in this field can also understand the hints of underwear and meaning.For example, black stockings may represent more authoritative and mysterious.The color of the underwear series may also have a specific meaning.For those who are not used to choosing underwear, they have a variety of sexy underwear to buy websites online, and they can quickly buy underwear and try their feelings.In addition, many sex novels describe the enthusiastic scenes of underwear wearing underwear in the drama scenes. These novels can usually provide lovers with good inspiration and guidance.

The relationship between sexy underwear and husband and wife

Interest underwear has a great impact on the relationship between husband and wife.On the one hand, they can improve their confidence, and on the other hand, they can increase experiments and enthusiasm.When two people are more familiar, they will use various types of sexy underwear to increase the passion between husband and wife.The relationship between husband and wife is stronger and fresher than the relationship between single Han or single women, because it can maintain the career and emotional relationship between the two, and can strengthen the coordination between sexual desire and appropriate caressing.

How to choose sexy underwear?

If you are choosing a sexy underwear, consider the following factors to ensure that you have a great experience:

Sexy Costumes

Safety: Interest underwear should be comfortable and safe.

Size and tailoring: Make sure your erotic underwear is uncomfortable.

Suitable for your body: Different people need specific size and style of sexy underwear.

Brand: You can try multiple brands to find what you like.

in conclusion

In short, sexy underwear is a good starting point, which can stimulate sexual desire, increase the passion of husband and wife relationship, and increase experiments and enthusiasm.Reading sex novels, study related literary works and community -related products, and learning about sexy underwear will enable you to better choose underwear styles and understand the hints and meanings related to them.