Sexy underwear strap knot

Sexy underwear strap knot

Why does the strap of sex lingerie knot knotting

When many women wear sexy underwear, they often have straps.This is not only troublesome, but also affects the aesthetic and wearing experience of sexy underwear.So why do you get knotted in the straps of sexy underwear?This is caused by several factors.

Facto 1: The length of the underwear strap is too long

The length of the strap of the underwear is one of the main factor that causes the strap knot.If the strap length is too long, it is easy to wrap around other places, causing knots.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the choice of strap length.

Factors 2: The material of the underwear tie is relatively slippery

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The material of the underwear is too smooth, and it is also easy to cause strap knots.Because smooth straps are not easy to "adsorb" on the body surface, they will also form knots due to friction.

Factors 3: Incorrectly wearing methods

When wearing sexy underwear, some women do not know how to wear it correctly, causing straps to knot.For example, some women do the straps behind them, but do not know that the strap is tied to the chest.In this way, it is easy to tie tie.

Factors 4: Staring at the mirror adjustment band

When wearing a sexy underwear, if you keep the mirror constantly adjusting the restraint band, the straps will be wrapped together to form knots.Therefore, it is recommended to adjust the restraint band first when wearing underwear, and then perform other actions.

How to avoid strap knots

So, how to avoid the straps of sexy underwear for the above factors?

Method 1: Pay attention to the length of the underwear strap

When choosing a sexy underwear, pay attention to choose the size and strap length that suits you.


Method 2: Select the underwear with the right material

Choose a more rough underwear, the straps of this underwear will stick to the body surface, not easy to knot.

Method 3: Understand the correct way of dressing

Learn the correct way to wear to ensure that the strap is tightly tied.

Method 4: Avoid frequent adjustment of restraint bands

When wearing sexy underwear, try to avoid excessive adjustment of the restraint band and avoid tie tie entangled together.

How to solve the problem of strap knots

What should I do if I encounter the problem of tie knots?

Solution 1: Patiently disassembling the knot

When the sexy underwear straps are knotted, you can choose to disassemble the knot.Or find someone who helps you to solve the knot and solve the problem together.

Solution 2: Use a special strap storage device

Some underwear brands will provide a special strap storage device, which can easily entangle straps together to avoid knotting.After buying such tools, the method of use is relatively simple, which can save a lot of trouble.


Broquard knot is a common problem in sexy underwear, but this is not unsolvable.As long as the above -mentioned factors are used to take the correct method, the underwear straps can be easily avoided.If you are unfortunately tied with straps, don’t worry, there are many ways to solve this problem.