Sexy underwear suspending stockings photo

Sexy underwear suspending stockings photo

The charm of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is an increasingly popular clothing in recent years.Its appearance brings more fun to people’s sexual life, and at the same time, it also makes women’s figures more beautiful, comfortable and beautiful, making sexy underwear an important part of modern men’s and women’s sexual life.In sexy underwear, camisco stockings are the most representative styles.

What is a suspender stockings

The suspender stockings are composed of two parts: suspender and stockings.At the joints of the waist and legs, the two parts are connected through a button, which is more transparent, sexy and attractive than ordinary stockings.Because camiscoe stockings can make women’s leg lines smoother and firmer after putting on, they have been widely used in some sexy or interesting occasions.

Types of suspenders in stockings

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Tips are divided into multiple categories according to the degree of sexy and occasions.Among them, the most common are ordinary camisco stockings, mesh camiscous, lace camiscous and so on.Ordinary suspenders and stockings are more common and are suitable for daily or formal occasions.The mesh and lace camiscous stockings are more sexy, suitable for interest or other special occasions.

Matching skills of suspenders stockings

Stuck stockings can not only wear independently, but also wear sexy underwear or clothing with his interesting underwear or clothing.When wearing, you can match the suspender stockings with sexy underwear or jacket, which can achieve a smooth and coherent effect, which is more sexy and charming.When choosing shoes, you can choose high heels or short boots, which can increase the details of the legs and make the whole dress a complete whole.

How to buy lagging stockings

When buying camisco stockings, you need to pay attention to the material, size, quality and color.Choose a comfortable, soft and elastic material, so that it will be more comfortable to wear, and it is not easy to slip.The size also needs to be measured accurately, too large or too small will affect comfort.Color and quality need to be selected according to personal needs and occasions.

Maintenance of suspenders stockings

Stretching stockings need to be washed by hand and cannot be placed in washing machines or dry cleaning machines.When cleaning, you need to soak it in a neutral cleaning solution, massage gently and twist it slowly.Then use a clean towel to dry it with water, do not dry it at high temperature, and dry it in a cool place to avoid sunlight.

Taboo for wearing camisco stockings

Do not wear too tight or loose suspenders, which will affect comfort and aesthetics.At the same time, do not wear suspenders in stockings for strenuous exercise or laziness to avoid pulling or tearing.The most important thing is that you need to keep dry when wearing suspenders and stockings to avoid being soaked in water for a long time or survive in the survival of sweat bacteria.



In general, suspending stockings are sexy, charming, and at the same time, but also comfortable and beautiful sexy lingerie styles.Pay attention to some details in wearing and maintenance, so as to better show the charm of strap stockings.If you want to improve your sexuality and add life interest, suspenders and stockings are definitely a sexy choice that is not to be missed.