Sexy underwear three -point dairy cow

Sexy underwear three -point dairy cow

As a product that enhances women’s self -confidence and increases sex, sexy underwear is welcomed by more and more women.Three -point cow is one of the types of sexy underwear. It has the effect of strengthening the chest curve and enhancing the chest.This article will introduce three -point dairy underwear from three aspects.

1. Understand three -point dairy cow

Three -point cow refers to the design structure of the sexy underwear to support the chest with three points, thereby forming a round curve and three -dimensional sense.The sexy underwear of this design is divided into two categories: one is three -point, that is, the upper end of the sexy underwear is a triangle and the lower end is a strip design; the other is a three -point control type, that is, the upper and lower end of the sexy underwear are all bands, Three -point support on the chest.When choosing a three -point dairy underwear, you need to choose according to your body and style.

2. Choose three -point dairy

1. Understand your body

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When choosing a sexy underwear, you must first understand your body and choose the appropriate size.Under normal circumstances, the petite women choose a three -point sexy underwear better; women with tall figures can choose three -point control type to support.

2. Determine your own needs

When choosing a three -point dairy underwear, you need to determine your needs.If you want the chest to look fuller, you can choose to fill the erotic underwear with better effect; if you want the chest to look more upright, you can choose to use a sexy underwear with metal slices or other supporting materials.

Third, wearing three -point dairy skills

1. Adjust your shoulder strap

When wearing a sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the adjustment of the shoulder strap.If the shoulder strap is too tight or loose, the chest will appear inconsistent.By adjusting the loosening of the shoulder strap, the support effect of sexy underwear is ensured.

2. Select the right clothes

The choice of sexy underwear needs to be matched with appropriate clothes.If it is a low -necked clothes, you need to choose a thin and thick three -point dairy lingerie; if it is a backless clothes, you can choose a flipped sexy underwear; if you need to be thin, you need to choose the support effect.Better erotic underwear and so on.

3. Usually maintenance

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After choosing a good underwear, the usual maintenance is also important.Need to clean up sexy underwear and maintain the shape and elasticity of sexy underwear, otherwise it will affect the support effect of sexy underwear.

Four, three points of dairy cows

1. Improve self -confidence

Women with good support effects and good breasts will emit a more confident temperament, get more praise and attention, thereby enhancing their confidence.

2. Improve charm

Wearing a three -point dairy lingerie, while not only becoming self -confidence, it will also have a certain weight loss effect on modifying the chest shape and body, thereby improving the charm of women.

3. Rich and interesting life

While three -point dairy underwear is wearing, it can also be used as a kind of toy in sex life to enrich sex life.

Five or three points of dairy cows

1. Not suitable for daily wear

The design of the three -point dairy underwear is more sexy. It is not suitable for daily wear. It is suitable for wearing in special occasions, otherwise it will appear.

2. Don’t comfortable to wear

Because three -point dairy underwear needs to use more close fabrics and design to support the chest, it will be a bit comfortable to wear.

Six or three o’clock use occasions of dairy cows

1. Sexual parties

At the sex party, wearing three -point dairy lingerie will definitely become the focus of the crowd, showing women’s enchanting and attractiveness.

2. Social occasions

In social occasions, wearing three -point dairy underwear can show the charm of mature women and make them more attractive.

Seven or three o’clock dairy brands

There are three brands of three -point dairy lingerie on the market, such as Victoria’s Secret, BraCli, Chilirose, etc.The design characteristics and materials of different brands need to be selected according to their needs.

8. Summary

By understanding the design structure of the three -point dairy cow, the skills of buying sexy underwear, wearing skills, advantages and disadvantages, you can better choose and use this sex underwear.The use of three -point dairy underwear can not only increase women’s self -confidence and charm, but also have a certain role in fun life.