Sexy underwear tore up pictures and appreciate the Encyclopedia

Sexy underwear tore up pictures and appreciate the Encyclopedia


Interest underwear has always been an important part of sexual culture. It has a unique role in adjusting the emotional emotion of husband and wife, improving the quality of life, and increasing the pleasure experience.And the most visual impact is the effect of sexy underwear tortured. Today we will introduce some of the sexy underwear to tear the style that is worthy of tasting.

1. Heart -shaped tearing effect

The heart -shaped erotic lingerie style is very popular with its sweetness, cuteness.Its main feature is to design small holes with heart -shaped shapes in front of, back, and back, and behind the underwear. In this way, after putting it on, these small holes will seem to tear the underwear into fragments, and at the same time, it also adds a mystery and a sense of mystery and a sense of mystery and a sense of mystery.Sexy.

2. Silk net tear effect

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Silk net tear effect is one of the most common sexy lingerie tear effects. It is characterized by the surface of the underwear surface with silk mesh patterns, and it is designed with a small tear -shaped port., Stockings, etc., have a beautiful lines and visual shock.

3. Fluorescent tailoring effect

The fluorescent tailoring effect is the most suitable for night wearing. It is characterized by the use of fluorescence colors in the design of the underwear. Combined with the tailoring and other methods, the women’s curve perfectly shows the female curve, allowing the entire underwear to exude sexy light in the darkness.

4. Flame tailoring effect

Flame tailoring effect has a good color design and full of visual sense.Its main feature is that the flame -like mouth is designed on the surface of the underwear, which can perfectly show the curve of women’s collarbone, shoulders and necks. At the same time, it can create a more mysterious visual effect with pantyhose.

5. Sweet torn effect

The sexy lingerie style of the woven torn effect is more layered with its unique woven texture and tearing effect with its unique shuttle texture and tearing effect.Its main feature is that the use of three -dimensional tailoring and texture can perfectly show the female curve and make the wearer more individual.

6. Cream tailoring effect

The erotic lingerie style of the cream tailoring effect is mainly to incorporate the cream -applied pattern in the underwear design. At the same time, it is torn out of the small mouth, which is very suitable for wearing in summer.Wearing this type of underwear can instantly improve their sexy atmosphere, making people unforgettable.

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7. Ponytail tailoring effect

The erotic lingerie of the ponytail tailoring effect is to integrate the traditional tailoring skills into it. By designing the ponytail pattern by designing the ponytail on the lingerie chest, the small mouth is torn out.It adds a delicate and cute atmosphere.

8. Crystal tailoring effect

The crystal tailoring effect uses a crystal -like design in the design, and the exit of the exit makes the entire underwear is particularly bright under the light.Elegant atmosphere.

9. Hook flower cutting effect

The erotic lingerie style of the hook flower cutting effect refers to the hook flower pattern and the screw lines in the traditional metal process. Through the innovative tearing design, it forms a modern and sexy lingerie style, which is especially suitable for finding to findNeutral style enthusiasts.

10. Lace tear effect

The erotic underwear design of lace tear effects has worked hard on the texture of the lace. Through tailoring, sewing and tearing, it creates a sexy and sweet sexy lingerie style.There are different shaped tears on both sides to fully release the sexy charm of women.


The tear effect of sexy underwear is the highlight of the sexy underwear design. It highlights the charming and sexy charm of women through tearing design, color selection and other methods, so that wearers can create more passionate and versatile in their lives and partners.Atmosphere.