Shanghai sex lingerie show 2013

Shanghai sex lingerie show 2013

Shanghai sex lingerie show 2013

1 Introduction

In 2013, the Shanghai Sex Underwear Show was a grand fashion show, which attracted many underwear brands and sex products merchants to participate.

2. Underwear brand introduction

In this show, major underwear brands have been displayed, including well -known domestic brands such as Shuya, Bella, and Victoria’s Secret and La Senza in Europe and the United States.

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3. European and American style

The display of European and American brands is often known for its sexy, avant -garde, low -cut, and high breasts, which has attracted the attention of many audiences.In this show, European and American brands are also one of the highlights.

4. The characteristics of domestic brands

Domestic brands pay more attention to style design and innovation in materials, showing their unique characteristics.Among them, Bella’s handmade hook flowers and Shuya’s satin materials are favored by the audience.

5. Theme element

In this sexy underwear show, theme elements are also an indispensable part.Red and black are common theme colors. At the same time, there are elements such as lace, leather, pearls, and silk belts, adding more fashion elements to underwear.

6. Sex products merchants

In addition to underwear brands, many erotic supplies merchants have also participated in this show.It shows a variety of products such as fun props, sex toys, SM supplies, etc., making the audience enjoy it.

7. Participants response


After many audiences participated in this underwear show, they have benefited a lot.They have higher tolerance for style design and materials, and pay more attention to the comfort of underwear, rather than just focusing on the appearance.

8. Summary

In general, the 2013 Shanghai Sex Underwear Show is a wonderful fashion show.Whether it is the design and innovation of the underwear brand or the product display of the product merchants, it has attracted the attention of a large number of audiences.At the same time, this underwear show also provides people with more knowledge about underwear and sex products, and promotes people’s attention to family aesthetics and sexual health.