SM homemade sexy underwear dog collar

SM homemade sexy underwear dog collar

Background introduction

SM sex underwear is a popular sexual product, and homemade DIY sexy underwear has also become the new favorite of amateur enthusiasts.In this article, we will introduce how to use simple materials to make a dog collar style SM sexy underwear to bring you a unique sex experience.

Material preparation

In order to complete this project, we need to prepare some basic materials, including leather bands, D -shaped buckles, leather rope and link ring.These materials can be purchased on a local handicraft shop or the Internet.

Step 1: Measurement size

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First of all, you need to measure your neck and waist circumference to ensure that the size of the underwear is appropriate and comfortable.Keep in mind that you must be cautious when performing this process to avoid unnecessary damage.

Step 2: Cut the leather band

Cut the leather band into the appropriate length according to the size measured before.It is recommended to use tools to cut to ensure that the edges are flat and neat.

Step 3: Install D -shaped buckle

Install the D -shaped buckle in the center of the leather band to ensure its tightness and firmness.You can use tools such as pliers and screwdrivers to complete this process.

Step 4: Add leather rope

Pass the leather rope through the D -buckle through the leather band and tie tie.Pay attention to leaving the appropriate length so that the tie buckle is later.

Step 5: Install the link ring

Install a link ring at both ends of the leather belt so that it can be changed if necessary.Similarly, ensure that these links are fixed.


Step 6: Complete underwear design

Now you can add any other designs or elements, such as decoration, drilling or horizontal stripes.Please note that these may increase the time and complexity of underwear.

Step 7: Try underwear

Before the last step, you need to try on your own underwear to ensure its comfort.Of course, you can also add mouthball or other SM sex supplies to enhance sexual experience.

Step 8: Enjoy sexual experience

Finally, you can use other SM sex products, such as leather whip, handcuffs, and fur, making your sex experience more exciting and surprising.


Through DIY SM sexy underwear with a dog collar style, you can experience a new sex experience.This underwear can not only meet your sexual needs, but also a stylish item with personality and excitement.However, in the process of DIY, you need to pay attention to safety to prevent damage.