SM sex underwear sex

SM sex underwear sex

What is SM sexy underwear?

SM sex underwear is also called flirting and teasing underwear, which refers to sexy underwear that brings stimulus and stimuli.It is usually different from traditional underwear in design and materials. Sexy and explicit are its main features.SM sex underwear is suitable for couples during love, marriage and honeymoon.

Why does SM sexy underwear help to have sex?

SM sex underwear will bring different feelings and stimuli to people’s body and psychology, help people enter the state faster, improve sexual desire, sexual interest, and sexual pleasure, and deepen the feelings between lover.In addition, SM sex underwear has added the stimulus of sexual interests and sexual imagination of couples, making the two closer to each other.

What are the types of SM sex underwear?

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There are many types of SM sexy underwear, and the most common include: leather restraint, shackles, lactifiers, sexy pants, handcuffs and leather whip, as well as some laser flowers, perspective underwear, etc.Various types of SM sex underwear are suitable for different scenes and people.

How to choose SM sex underwear?

When choosing SM sex underwear, you must first consider the feelings and needs of yourself and your partner, followed by factors, styles, colors and other factors of underwear.Underwear styles and colors should be consistent with their own personality and temperament, so as to better achieve the effect of sexy, irritating and aphrodisiac.

When can I wear SM sex underwear when having sex?

Wearing SM sexy underwear can be carried out on Valentine’s Day, anniversary, night, bathing and travel.When choosing to wear SM sex underwear, you need to take care of the physiological and psychological feelings. Do not let the sexy and stimulus beyond the tolerance of yourself and your partner, otherwise it will be counterproductive.

How to wear SM sex underwear?

SM sex underwear is usually made of lace, silk, leather or other thick materials, and needs to be careful.It is recommended to prepare the body before wearing it. For example, take some body splashing water, massage and other activities to regulate emotions, and select the appropriate size according to the standards on the instructions.

SM sex underwear is also suitable for men and women at the same time?

SM sex underwear is applied between men and women. Some underwear are specially made for men, such as belt -style restraints, buckle -type milk clips, etc., while others are more suitable for women, such as lace wrapped chest and top.Everyone can experience the feelings and stimulus brought by underwear when wearing appropriate situations.


What are the precautions of SM sex underwear wearing and sex?

Be careful when wearing SM sexy underwear.If the sexy underwear contains heavy materials or hard objects, it needs to avoid harm to the body.When you can enjoy your experience, please respect your own needs and preferences, and follow the principle of safety first.If you feel any discomfort or any problems, stop immediately.


SM sex underwear can help us improve sexual interest, sexual desire, sexual pleasure and depth of feelings.Choose the right style, size, and occasions, correctly wear and follow the principle of security to help achieve the above purposes.While enjoying the process of sex, don’t forget to respect each other, enjoy stimulation and pleasure, and do it safely and smoothly.