Southeast Asian sexy underwear shop name

Southeast Asian sexy underwear shop name

Southeast Asian sexy underwear shop name


When traveling in Southeast Asia, in addition to enjoying food and landscape, buying sexy underwear with local characteristics has become a shopping choice for many women.Here are a few sexy underwear shop name worth visiting.


Patt has more than 20 stores in Thailand, and is a sexy -themed chain of sexy painting.It is characterized by a gentle color matching as much pattern as possible to make the skin breathe, giving people unrestrained feelings.Moderate price and worth trying.

Bow Decor Lace Babydoll With Thong – 0025


Sipri is an Indonesian brand with dozens of stores. It uses Hindu and Buddhist culture and traditional design as a source of inspiration for sexy lingerie styles. The price is good and quality is very good, and it is loved by local women and passengers.


Gaya is a brand in Singapore and Malaysia. It focuses on simple and sexy and suitable for various body shapes.The fabrics mostly use comfortable and skin -friendly cotton, and the price is relatively affordable, suitable for economic and affordable purchases.

Art zuo

Yi Zuo is a brand with more than ten stores. It is very famous in the Philippines. The style is biased towards a sweet style, diverse fabrics, and different types of mesh, lace, etc. It provides a variety of sexy underwear with different materials, which is moderate in price.


SELVIONE is a emerging brand in Vietnam. Before it appeared, sexy underwear had almost no market in Vietnam.It won with a gentle and romantic design, from silk to lace fabrics, and the price is relatively affordable.

Happy A-BRA

Plus Sexy Costumes

Happy A-BRA is a chain store in Malaysia. It is mainly aimed at the needs of different ages and different body types. It launched a variety of colorful lingerie and suitable for dressed at any occasion.Moderate prices and more reliable quality.


Tao Hong is a chain of the Philippines, and its positioning is young women.Different styles of sexy underwear such as pantyhose, tops, dresses, camislars, etc. appear. Casual and fashionable matching methods are well -prevable, and the price is relatively favorable.


Luca is a well -known sexy underwear brand in Thailand. The main styles are four types: night city, Fangcao, Xinghe, and flower fence. Each set has its elegant design and unique style, and the quality is widely praised.Luca’s detail design is very sophisticated, so the price is slightly higher.

Nice g

Nice G is a Taiwan sex lingerie brand and has its stores in many countries.It is characterized by its own exclusive fabrics that make the sexy underwear soft and skin -friendly, and it is not easy to break.The price is high, but the quality is very stable.


In general, Southeast Asia’s sexy underwear stores are still very distinctive.Each brand has its own unique products, suitable for different female groups.For sexy underwear enthusiasts, you can go to these stores and choose the style and model that suits you.