Step through the interesting underwear

Step through the interesting underwear

Step through the interesting underwear

For many people, sexy underwear is not just as simple as underwear. It not only makes women’s body more sexy, but also makes the whole atmosphere more interesting.Performing sexy underwear is one of the underwear that can stimulate men’s visual nerves.So, what is perspective sexy underwear, and how to choose perspective sexy underwear?

Definition of perspective sexy underwear

Performing sexy underwear is the underwear that can make people see the skin through it.Generally, the perspective underwear is made of tulle or lace material. The design usually interspersed with some transparent parts, so as to create imagination, so that people can guess what hidden under it.Generally speaking, perspective sexy underwear is sexy and has a strong temptation.

How to choose perspective sexy underwear?

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1. Understand important parts

Although perspective underwear is transparent, it does not mean that the entire underwear is transparent.Generally speaking, the designer will design the transparent part in a relatively private part, such as chest and hips, while elsewhere are used to cover with some opaque fabrics.

2. Perspective underwear material

The material of perspective underwear is very important because it can directly affect a person’s comfort and self -confidence.When buying, you can choose some textured fabrics and fabrics, such as lace, chiffon, velvet, etc. These materials are very comfortable and breathable.

3. Underwear design

Design is the key to whether a underwear is good.For perspective sexy underwear, design has become one of the important aspects.You can choose decorative details, such as sequins, beads, lace and lace, etc., so as to create a more perfect appearance.

4. Compassion

No matter how sexy the underwear is, if it is uncomfortable, it will be meaningless.Comfort is very important, which is also our first consideration when choosing through see -through -seey underwear.You can choose a size and good underwear that is suitable for you, thereby improving the comfort during use.

5. Adapt to occasions

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Performing erotic underwear is suitable for creative, sentiment, and lively occasions, such as birthday party, nightclubs, weddings, romantic nights, etc., which can enhance different charm and attract more people’s attention.But pay attention to the restrictions on the occasion, do not wear perspective sexy underwear in too formal places.


There are many factors that need to be paid attention to seeing the use of sexy underwear. Among them, the above aspects are more important, and it is not necessarily necessary for everyone to see sexy underwear.The most important thing is to choose the underwear that suits you. After all, good underwear is not only for others, but also for your own feelings.