Suitable for 170 sexy underwear

Suitable for 170 sexy underwear

How to choose a sexy underwear suitable for 170?

Women with a height of about 170cm need to pay special attention to the choice of sexy underwear.It should be noted that the colorful lingerie styles with a suitable body ratio are also different.Below, you will introduce you to some sexy underwear suitable for women around 170cm.

1. Lean -high women are suitable for sexy lingerie with rich texture

Women with a height of about 170cm and thin body are suitable for choosing sexy underwear with rich texture and obvious lines.This erotic underwear can set off a long straight body, and it is not easy to make people feel too monotonous.The sexy underwear that is more suitable for such figures has lace, short sexy underwear and corset.

Second, fat and thin women are suitable for Yuguang sexy underwear

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Height is about 170cm. Women who are fat and thin are suitable for choosing a sexy underwear with Asukura.Yuguang’s fabric feels soft touch, and visually makes people feel soft and tender, bringing soft and warmth.In addition, if the figure is full, you can choose some sexy gathered underwear to help women better shape their bodies.

Third, plump women are suitable for underwear with ribbon lace

Women with full figure are suitable for sexy underwear with ribbon and lace.This sexy underwear can not only show the advantages of women’s figure, but also increase their temperament and charm well.At the same time, the combination of ribbons and lace can also perfectly combine softness and sexy.

Fourth, emphasize curve -type women suitable for wearing physical and sexy underwear

Women with outstanding body curves are suitable for choosing a body sex underwear.This kind of sexy underwear can not only emphasize the beauty of women, but also avoid the sliding of underwear and pants during wearing.At the same time, in terms of the choice of physical sex underwear, you can pay attention to the design of the back, and some of the design of the back of the body’s sexy underwear is also very beautiful.

Fifth, emphasize that upper body women are suitable for wearing corset -style sexy underwear

If you want to emphasize the charm of the upper body department, you can choose a corset underwear is a good choice.The corset sexy underwear can be wrapped in the curve of the upper body well, and makes your chest look fuller and has a good shape.At the same time, you can also choose some corset with shoulder straps and back design, which can not only improve the chest lines, but also create a different temperament.

6. Pursuing personalization, you should choose the web sexy underwear

Women with a height of about 170cm If you want to pursue personalization, you can choose a mesh sex underwear.This kind of sexy underwear will give people a sense of transparency visually, which looks more sexy and charming.When choosing a mesh underwear, you can pay attention to the design and fabric of the underwear, and try to choose some high -quality materials to avoid causing too much oppression.


Seven, pursuing simple and sexy, you should choose no trace sexy underwear

Like women with a height of about 170cm, women who pay attention to comfortable wearing comfort can also choose no trace sexy underwear.It is a relatively low -key, high value, and high comfort.When choosing a traceless and sexy underwear, you can consider the design, fabric and other factors appropriately.

8. Various color sexy underwear

When choosing sexy underwear, you must not only pay attention to the style, fabric, design and other aspects of the underwear, but also the color of the underwear.Women with height around 170 are best to choose a diverse sexy underwear, because different colors of sexy underwear can give people different feelings visually.If you want to create a mature temperament, you can choose dark color sexy underwear such as black, red, dark gray.

Nine, suitable sizes sexy underwear

Regardless of your figure, you can choose a suitable size of sexy underwear to collide with the best results.Different brands of sexy underwear and size are different. Everyone needs to choose according to their specific size when choosing.

10. Conclusion

In summary, when choosing a sexy underwear suitable for women around 170cm, you should first choose according to your body characteristics and personal preferences.In addition, be sure to choose the right size and comfort, so as to wear comfort and show your charm and sexy.