Taobao search skirts always have fun underwear out

Taobao search skirts always have fun underwear out

With the development of e -commerce, Taobao has become the preferred shopping platform for many people.Especially women always spend a lot of time on Taobao to find their favorite clothes.However, when searching for skirts, there will always be recommendations for sexy underwear. Why?

1. Advertising in sex underwear

Taobao is a commercial platform, and many merchants will promote their products through Taobao’s advertising.When searching for women such as skirts such as skirts on Taobao, because the crowd of sexy underwear is also mainly women, merchants will put the advertising of sex underwear in these search results to attract more potential customers.

2. Similar keywords

In Taobao search, keywords play a vital role in the matching of search results.Because the names of sexy underwear and some women’s clothing may have a certain degree of similarity, Taobao’s search algorithm may also add the recommendations of these sexy underwear products to the search results of women’s clothing.

3. Consumer needs

Although the crowds of sexy underwear are relatively small, there are also some consumers wearing it as their daily underwear.When searching for women’s clothing, such consumers may also search for sexy underwear at the same time.Therefore, the behavior of Taobao’s recommendation of sexy underwear is also based on the understanding and satisfaction of consumer demand.

4. Impact of ranking algorithms

In addition to advertising and keyword matching, Taobao’s recommendation results are also affected by ranking algorithms.The ranking algorithm is mainly based on the user’s search habits and behaviors, as well as factors such as the sales and evaluation of the product to calculate the weight and ranking of each product.Because the crowd of sexy underwear is relatively small, its competitive pressure is less. Similarly, the click rate and conversion rate of sexy underwear are also relatively high, which will also make it get higher weight and better weight in the ranking algorithm in the ranking algorithm.Ranking, thereby get higher exposure.

5. Selection of promotion channels

In addition to being launched in Taobao search results, some sexy underwear manufacturers will also choose to open their own official stores on Taobao for promotion.In these official stores, manufacturers can increase their exposure and sales through self -operating and self -promotion.Recommended sexy underwear in Taobao search can also provide more traffic and users for these official stores, thereby further increasing their sales income.

6. Similarity of search behavior

In Taobao search, there is often a phenomenon that users will slowly transfer to other products related to the product when searching for a product.For example, when searching for skirts, users will not only see the results of the skirt, but also may see other female clothing such as pants, hats and shoes.This is because Taobao’s search results are recommended based on user search behavior and purchase history, and these behaviors and history often show similarity.Therefore, the recommendation of sexy underwear when searching for skirts may also be because the user’s previous search and purchase behavior involved sex underwear.

7. Popularization of sex culture

With the development of society and the change of people’s ideas, the culture of interest has gradually been popularized and accepted, so the demand for sexy underwear is gradually increasing.Although its crowd is relatively small, it has gradually become a popular trend.Therefore, it is recommended to recommend sexy underwear in Taobao search, which can also bring more traffic and sales to the sex underwear industry, and promote the development of the industry.

8. Secondary marketing strategy

In the last point, Taobao’s search and recommendation strategy also includes secondary marketing.That is, after the user has searched some products, in the subsequent browsing and purchase behavior, Taobao will recommend the previous search products and related products.Therefore, when users have searched for sexy underwear, sexy underwear appears in its subsequent search results and recommendations, which may also be based on secondary marketing strategies.

in conclusion

In summary, the recommendation of sexy underwear in Taobao search results is the result of a comprehensive effect of multiple factors.Different search results recommendation strategies have their own advantages and disadvantages.For consumers, choose and purchase according to their own needs and preferences, and should also have sufficient consumption and recognition awareness to avoid being disturbed by adverse products and marketing.

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