Taobao selling sex lingerie regulations

The requirements for Taobao to sell sexy underwear

As a sexy underwear seller, you must clarify Taobao’s rules so that you can meet the requirements and operate peacefully on the Taobao platform.

Interest underwear must not use sexual or erotic keywords and descriptions such as obscene, vulgar, vulgar, naked, naked, and naked.

The main function of sexy underwear is to provide sexy clothing, not sex services.Taobao is prohibited about using obscene, vulgar description or any form of sexual suggestions.Sellers should use more formal and professional terms and descriptions to describe the products they sell.

Clear image and detailed description

In order to allow consumers to better understand love underwear, each product needs clear images and detailed descriptions.The seller should use high -definition images to convey the color, texture, material, size, style, etc. of sexy underwear. In the description, the seller needs to explain their products as clear and detailed as possible.

Do not sell any prohibited products for sale

There are some regulations on Taobao that which products are prohibited from selling, such as imitation brand products and other infringing products. These products include jeans, sports shoes, sportswear, watches, perfumes, cosmetics, handbags and other boutique products.Selling any prohibited products on Taobao will cause stores to be closed, and may even face legal lawsuits.

Tags and classification techniques

Tags and classification are important parts of the Taobao purchase process. When they find the products from the seller in each category, these labels and classifications can provide more convenience for buyers.Use related labels as much as possible and position product classification under the classification of adult products.

It is forbidden to use WeChat, QQ, Alipay and other private trading methods in Taobao transactions

Taobao is prohibited from conducting transactions on other platforms outside Taobao platform transactions.The seller must trade on the Taobao platform.If the seller trades in private transactions through WeChat, QQ, Alipay and other private transactions, it may be closed stores, and some consumers’ interests will be protected in the case of transactions on the platform.

The size table must be clearly marked

The seller must ensure that each piece of sex underwear has a matching size table, and consumers should be able to find the size that suits them from the size table provided by the seller.The seller needs to mark the size of each sexy underwear and the corresponding size of the tables, so that consumers can find products that are suitable for size.

Forbidden to place third -party links

The seller must not place a third -party link outside Taobao in the product page.If the seller places a third -party link in the product page, it may face problems such as closed stores and products.At the same time, these links may include viruses and malware, causing security risks to consumers’ computers and accounts.

Do not use false trading behaviors to trade products

Sellers prohibit the use of false transactions, such as false transactions, group purchases and other means to promote the transactions of sexy underwear.Such behaviors will be severely cracked down by Taobao.Therefore, sellers should promote real transactions through appropriate promotional activities, coupons and other activities, instead of chasing high sales with improper means.


Taobao selling sexy underwear needs to meet the corresponding requirements, so that this can make your store more popular with consumers and increase sales, but if the above standards will make your seller’s relevant parts lose from tears between people and people, it is easierIn the case, it is important to read these regulations and ensure that your products meet these standards in practice.

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