The earliest sexy underwear show 30 minutes

The origin of sexy lingerie show

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, the market demand of sexy underwear gradually increased. In order to better promote sexy underwear, some underwear brands began to hold sexy underwear shows. The earliest sexy underwear show happened at the time and place.It is reported, but it marks the official birth of the sexy lingerie show.

What is the sexy underwear show

The sexy underwear show is a sexual activity that shows adult products and sexy underwear as its main content.Generally, the model is wearing sexy sexy underwear or sexy clothing to show the show on the stage to promote products.

The purpose of sexy lingerie show

The purpose of the sex lingerie show is to promote the brand and increase the sales volume.By displaying the latest sexy underwear design and the cutting -edge adults on the sexy underwear show, more consumers buy.

Types of sexy lingerie show

Sexy underwear shows can be divided into multiple types, including brand sexy underwear shows, fashion show sexy underwear shows, roadshow -style sexy underwear shows, etc.In addition, some adult exhibitions also have fun underwear shows.

The process of sexy lingerie show

The process of sexy lingerie show usually includes model makeup, clothing wearing, music stage and other links.On the sexy underwear show, each set of sexy underwear or sexy clothing needs to be carefully matched and arranged to make the entire show links more smooth and dramatic.

Model of sexy lingerie show

The model of the sexy lingerie show needs to have a certain appearance and figure, and it needs to have a certain catwalk and stage performance ability.In addition, models also need to have good psychological quality, understanding and awareness of sexual culture, and understanding of sexy underwear design.

Designer of sexy underwear show

The designer of the sexy underwear show needs to have a deep understanding of the market and market trend of adult products, and can design sexy underwear that meets market demand according to the needs of the market.

The future of sexy lingerie show

With the development of society and the gradual improvement of people’s open attitude towards sex, the sexy underwear show will continue to get people’s attention and support as a sexual cultural activity.However, the sexy underwear show also needs to be continuously innovated and converted to meet the growing needs of people.


As a sexual cultural activity, the sexy underwear show is a form of expression that tends to be freedom of human nature.In the future development process, we need to look at the erotic underwear show to better promote the development and progress of sexual culture.

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