The harm of sexy underwear


Interest underwear is becoming more and more common in modern society, and they are regarded as a tool to increase sexual attractiveness and self -confidence.However, we rarely pay attention to the potential harm and adverse effects of these underwear.This article will explore the dangers of sexy underwear from different perspectives.

Tighter sexy underwear can affect breathing and blood circulation

Tight -fitting sexy underwear will inhibit normal breathing and blood circulation, especially for some tight -shaped sexy underwear.These close -fitting clothing limits the movement of the abdominal muscles, which will affect the contraction and relaxation of the diaphragm muscle, which will eventually lead to dyspnea and hypoxia; for the waist and lower body, the tight -fitting sexy underwear will cut off the blood flow, which will cause blood pressure problemsOr pain.

Excessive use of sexy underwear will affect skin health

Long -term use of sexy underwear will cause damage to the skin, especially wearing tight sexy underwear all day long.These underwear can cause skin allergies, scratches or even redness.Dust, bacteria and microorganisms will also gather on these personal clothes, causing skin infections and other diseases.

Wearing sexy underwear for a long time will affect female genital health

Wearing sexy underwear for a long time can cause harm to female genitals.Excessive underwear may increase the pressure of women’s private parts, and excessive humidity around it will spread some germs.Therefore, it is best not to wear sexy underwear when sleeping or resting.

Sexy underwear will affect gastrointestinal health

Modern people have rarely noticed this, or tight sexy underwear.This causes people’s stomachs to digest food, and even cause problems such as flatulence and diarrhea.Therefore, we recommend that you wear loose underwear.

Sexy underwear will affect male genital health

Although sexy underwear is a woman’s market, men also try to enhance self -confidence by wearing sexy underwear in reproductive ORGANS.Like that kind of tight -fitting and reduced organic underwear may cause urethral obstruction and cause other common male diseases.Therefore, men should avoid wearing tight and reduced sexy underwear.

Reduce male fertility

Excessive heat and excessive stress may have a negative impact on men’s fertility ability, and tight sexy underwear can overheat TesticleS.In fact, wearing tight sexy underwear for a long time can affect male fertility, so you should try to avoid it.

The safety of sexual life

Some sexy underwear may have a negative impact on sexual behavior, especially sexy underwear with tight shaping effects.For girls’ organs and penis, tight sexy underwear restricts the movement of sex organs, which affects the safety of sexual life.Therefore, for the safety of yourself and your partner, you should choose a comfortable underwear that suits you.

Insufficient sexy underwear that is not suitable for daily wear on physical health affects physical health

Interest underwear is usually used to enhance sexy moments under special occasions.However, long -term wearing this sexy underwear, especially tight sexy underwear, may have a great impact on the body.This is because sexy underwear is usually personal and not breathable, and is usually not suitable for daily wear.

Wearing sexy underwear for a long time will affect the body’s posture

Wearing erotic underwear for a long time, especially those tight -fitting shaped erotic underwear, sometimes lead to poor physical posture.Wearing these clothes and bending the spine habitually, it may cause back pain, spine side bending and muscle soreness, which causes the problem of poor physical attitude.

in conclusion

Although sexy underwear can increase people’s sexual attraction and self -confidence, there are many adverse effects and potential harms.We should use them more cautiously and rationally to avoid wearing tight sexy underwear for a long time.It is very necessary to choose a suitable and comfortable underwear that is suitable for you.

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