The heroine is designing sexy underwear

The heroine is designing sexy underwear

In recent years, the demand for the sexy underwear market has been increasing, and many women have begun to pursue sexy, comfortable, and beautiful sexy underwear.These underwear are not just for their partners, but also the comfort and confidence of women themselves.The protagonist of this article is a sexy underwear designer. From her own experience, she shared some tips and viewpoints of buying and wearing sexy underwear.

1. Different materials are suitable for different occasions

There are different types of sexy underwear options in each situation and occasion.For example, in public, transparent lace is suitable for pants or skirts with loose shirts, kapok fabrics.In other more private occasions, the combination of 3/4 cup of underwear and smooth clothing combinations with the shoulder strap are the most suitable.In the days of emotional instability, a cotton -comfortable underwear is more suitable.

2. The needs of each woman are different

Each physical form and needs are different. Therefore, choosing a suitable sexy underwear requires more time and energy.Time is to find brands and types that are suitable for your needs; energy is to ensure that the appropriate size and style is found.Therefore, don’t follow the trend blindly, but you should choose according to your needs.

3. Don’t compromise

Don’t meet your underwear needs because of a sales discount or other male partners’ comments.Interest underwear is an item that is directly contacted with the female body, and the quality and comfort are as important.If the underwear obtained through discounts cannot meet your needs and poor quality, then choosing regular brands and sales channels is a better choice.

4. Women’s demand is more important than inherent aesthetics

Many sexy underwear pays more attention to beauty rather than practicality, which is one of the reasons why the brand has reached a good social status.However, women’s demand is more comfortable and wears.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, it is best to take comprehensive consideration of beauty and practicality.

5. Appropriate size

Appropriate underwear size can improve visual effects, comfort and penetration.Before choosing underwear, you should measure your own size, including bust, upper bust, lower bust, etc. to choose the right size.Moreover, it should be noted that the size of different brands may be different, it is best to try to choose the most suitable underwear.

6. Color selection

Color is one of the very important elements of sexy underwear.Black and red are popular sexy underwear, but this is not necessarily suitable for everyone.The choice of skin color and color is a very important point.If you are not sure, you can try to choose dark underwear. This color can adapt to different skin colors well.

7. The style of underwear

This is the same as the size. Choosing the right style can improve the objective visual effect, which also affects comfort and penetration.Each woman has their own chest shape, hip, waist, and lower abdomen. Therefore, the appropriate style should consider personal physical characteristics.

8. Washing underwear

Sexy underwear requires particularly detailed care and maintenance.It is best to wash them alone or use a gentle basin washing machine, do not use bleach or soft agent.After gently pressing the water with a towel, you can dry it until half dry and then hang it until it is dry.

in conclusion

Choosing a sexy underwear that suits you should start from personal needs, rather than blindly obey.After the goods are more than three, they should pay special attention to the size and style, and the color and texture are a bonus.The same important is how to care and maintain sexy in a gentle way.

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