The lowest vulgar underwear fashion show

Reflection: At present, the sexy underwear market

Interesting underwear, as an emerging fashion category, naturally has attracted a strong interest in the market.Major brands are scrambling to enter this market, respect the concepts of "sexy, self -confidence, dare to love and hate", and launch a variety of sexy lingerie styles.However, as the market has gradually matured, some irresponsible and too vulgar sexy underwear brands have also begun to appear. It has rendered sexy and exposed elements, stimulated physical desires, and even violated social ethics, causing various negative emotions.

Analysis: the lowest vulgar lingerie fashion show

Recently, there is a video widely circulated on social media, a fashion show about sexy underwear.This fashion show exposed the body’s part without reservation, and there was no basic pants in front of the audience. There were only some "patterns" made of silk and lace.It can be described as extremely vulgar and even a little bit explicit.This kind of sexy underwear completely abandoned fashion and aesthetics, but regards "animal" and "obscenity" as the weapon of sales, which is the extreme of sexy underwear.

Challenge: Where does the vulgar and sexy underwear go?

At this point, we have to reflect on: How should the most vulgar sexy underwear develop?In other words, does this category exist?Does the exposure of the body in the fashion show does not conform to the market. Is it really market value for more consumers who pay more attention to physical aesthetics?Should we re -summarize the fun underwear brand?For brands, they are blindly chasing sexy and easy to go on their way, and instead pursue spiritual and aesthetics, maybe more promising.

Concept: Correct sexy underwear consumption consciousness

However, we are not excluding all sexy underwear brands, and the correct brand choice is extremely important for consumers.As consumers with brand awareness and aesthetic taste, we should choose sexy underwear carefully and strictly require the comfort, material and sanitary conditions of clothing.Whether sexy underwear can show a sexy feeling is the expression of "sexy".Under the premise of maintaining rationality and moderate, sexy presentation can be beautiful and hazy, not necessarily exposed -this is one of the concepts of sexy underwear that we want to promote.

Standard: Three criteria for buying sexy underwear

First of all, we must choose a formal, reputable brand.Unknown from the source of unknown -even our childhood milk powder is to choose a regular and word -of -mouth brand, let alone sexy underwear?We require that sex underwear brands must obtain the corresponding qualifications, issue industry certification, and provide relevant guidance such as testing and washing.Among them, the quality control certification of daily necessities, environmental protection certification, and radiation safety testing are relatively basic certification.Positive ingredient detection can avoid the hazard links such as heavy metals and carcinogenic substances that may bring during processing.Therefore, high -quality guarantee is also an important way to promote sexy underwear brands.

Secondly, we must choose the appropriate style and size according to the personal body shape, needs and other information.Some people will feel that the design of sexy underwear is originally exposed to the body, so the size and style are not so important.In fact, there are many large -sized sexy underwear among women with wide distribution of women; and they will not lose sexy because the size increases. On the contrary, it may be more "heartbroken" to adjust the design appropriately.

Finally, we must see clearly whether the promotion and advertising methods of this brand are reasonable -sexy lingerie also has moderate interest, and the way to please the market is not full of taste and exposure.For the sexy underwear market, if more brands can pursue comfortable, healthy, and spiritual beauty, rather than the sexual revolution that emphasizes the exposure of the body, the development of sexy underwear will be even higher.

Summary: Reasonable presentation, cautious consumption

Finally, we must realize that in this fashion show, the lowest vulgar underwear is just a small part of this category, and all sexy underwear should not be attributed to the same kind.Interesting underwear, as an emerging fashion category, has unique market value as a feminine suit.However, we must also be alert to some vulgar brands in the market and distinguish between sexy underwear brands on both sides.Our brand headquarters will always be vigilant and put markets and consumers under the premise of reasonable and pleasure -this is exactly what we promotes and our goals and efforts.

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