The sexy underwear inside the trench coat


The trench coat is known as the forestry fashion items, and in the cold autumn and winter seasons, it has become one of the indispensable clothing.However, what kind of sexy underwear to choose in the trench coat can keep you warm and sexy?This article will explain the sexy underwear in the windbreaker in detail.

Part 1: Fabric aspect

Most of the trench coats use cotton fabrics. This fabric has good skin care, soft and comfortable, and strong breathability.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, try to choose the soft and good skin -friendly style, such as silk sexy underwear or cotton sexy underwear.

Part 2: Color selection

Trench coats are usually monochrome or low -key patterns. Don’t be too bright colors, mainly white, black, and gray.At the same time, you can also choose a sexy underwear color that is suitable for you according to the color of the trench coat, such as choosing to contrast with the color of the trench coat, or to choose similar colors.

Part III: Style Match

The windbreaker is a long jacket. The sexy underwear should choose short and tight styles as much as possible to avoid the shift of underwear during the wearing and affect the appearance of the appearance.For example, choose short brach, high waist thong or hot pants.

Part 4: Collect of cold weather

In cold weather, in order to keep warm, you can choose some thick sexy underwear, or use warm underwear to match.At the same time, you can also choose some warm -fitting clothes to achieve warmth.

Part 5: Sexy Construction

In terms of sexy, you can choose some sexy underwear such as hollow, perspective, lace and other elements to match the trench coat to highlight your personal temperament and sexy charm.At the same time, be careful not to be too exposed to look reasonable and generous.

Part 6: Personal temperament

The combination of sexy lingerie styles and trench coats should be selected according to personal temperament.If it is sweet and cute, you can consider choosing a girl style; if it is mature and elegant, you can consider choosing a noble and elegant style; if it is sexy and hot, you can choose sexy and bold style to match the trench coat.

Part 7: Brand Selection

Brand choice is also very important. The sexy underwear of large brands is known for its comfort, quality and style. When purchasing, you can pay more attention to some brands with high cost performance or brand recommended by the Internet.

Part 8: Matching Tips

When choosing a sexy underwear, you can consider taking off the trench coat and wear it, and then slowly put on the coat to better fix the location of the sexy underwear to avoid the shift of the underwear and affect the beauty.In addition, be careful not to let the shoulder straps of the underwear be exposed.

in conclusion

In selecting and matching the sexy underwear in the trench coat, you must choose according to your personal temperament and taste. Pay attention to the combination of comfort, warmth and sexy. At the same timeEffect.

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