The story of the school flower is forced to wear sexy underwear

She, the flowers on campus

She is a flower on the campus.Beautiful curves and gorgeous faces are dumped.She is a school flower, with countless fans, and is surrounded by various gifts and flowers every day.Her proud figure was admired by countless people, but her life also had an unknown side.

The coming of doom

One weekend, she received a mysterious call.The man on the phone threatened her. If she did not do it according to his requirements, she would disclose her private photos, so that her career and reputation would be destroyed.She was intimidated and had to obey the man’s instructions.

Unfamiliar store

The man told her that she needed to go to a store called "Sex House" to buy a set of sexy underwear.She didn’t understand this kind of thing at all, hesitated.However, in order to protect her privacy, she went to this strange store.

The thrilling process of buying

Entering the store, she was deeply attracted by various colors, patterns, and styles.However, thinking of all this was a last resort, her face showed a helpless expression.The clerk warmly received her, but she didn’t know how to let herself escape this embarrassing situation.

Underwear choice

The clerk began to take out a very different style and colorful sexy underwear for her, so that she could choose.But she was deeply embarrassed and just wanted to leave as soon as possible.Finally, she chose a black sexy underwear.

The pain of putting on underwear

When she returned home, she began to prepare to wear this set of sexy underwear.However, it was found that his figure did not match the underwear selected by the clerk.She pulled out her mobile phone to ask the man for help, but the phone was always in a state of no answer.

Demonstration of underwear

She put on underwear and kept adjusting her position, but she still felt that her figure was very uncoordinated.She couldn’t believe that she would put on this underwear, and she couldn’t imagine that she would show in front of men.But now, all this has become a fact.

Suppressing frustration

She was lying on the bed, looking at the endless night outside the window.It was extremely frustrated in her heart and wanted to ask for help from the people around, but she was too scared to dare to tell anyone.She can only bear the pressure of all this by herself.

Slim future

The next day, she returned to normal living conditions.But the trauma deep in her heart did not decrease.She began to doubt her value of life and even gave up her future dream.For her, the future becomes even more slim.

Inner shout

Her experience is not alone.For those who are forced to wear sexy underwear, their hearts are full of fear and pain.We can’t see these people and need to protect their rights.I hope that society can send more attention and warmth to these groups who have been forced to wear sexy underwear.


We can’t ignore those who are forced to wear sexy underwear and need to send more attention and warmth to them.Not only need to formulate more comprehensive legal terms, but also to continuously strengthen people’s education and publicity.

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