There are vacant cats in the middle of sexy underwear


Sex underwear is a model of sexy and aesthetics in modern society.One of the special designs is a vacant cat in the middle, which has attracted many women.In this article, we will carefully discuss the origin, its charm and wearing suggestions of this design.


The earliest time in the middle of the cat sex lingerie design dates back to Japan in 1946.At that time, this underwear was called "Open-BUST GIRDLE", which was used to control the lower abdomen and hips, and exposed a narrow strip in the middle.

Design charm

There is a sexy underwear in the middle to make women more confident and sexy.The nakedness of the middle part shows the sexy collarbone and abdominal lines of women, giving people a seductive visual effect.The design of the empty cat blocks the nipples and private parts, which maintains the mystery and forms a unique visual effect.

With suggestions

When wearing a sexy underwear in the middle, you must consider comfort.It is best to pair with high -waisted underwear or T -shaped pants, so as to avoid compression of the hip on the edge of the underwear, and at the same time does not affect the comfort of the pelvis.In addition, wearing high heels can also increase sexy temperament.


There are women in the middle of a vacant cat for women with high bodies, white skin, and medium breasts.Because this design will make the skin brighter, exposing the collarbone and waistline will make the figure look more slender.

Material selection

Most sexy underwear materials are silk, lace or transparent latex.When choosing a sexy underwear designed with vacant cats, the transparent latex material will be more beautiful.At the same time, it can better fit the skin and improve comfort.

Selection of color

When a female friend chooses the sexy underwear in the middle, you can choose the color according to your skin color.Light -colored underwear will set off white skin, but be careful not to be similar to the skin color, otherwise it will look more monotonous.Dark clothing is suitable for people with dark skin.


When wearing a sexy underwear with a vacant cat, you need to pay attention to prevent wearing jewelry to avoid scratching or damaging underwear.Do not wear underwear to do fierce exercise, but also pay attention to friction to avoid damaging underwear.

Wearing occasion

Interest underwear is suitable for private occasions, such as romantic dating, Valentine’s Day, etc.In addition, female friends can wear in relatively private gatherings, which can increase temperament and sexy charm.

in conclusion

In summary, the sexy underwear design of a kica in the middle not only adds sexy to women, but also adds female mystery and confidence.Choose underwear suitable for your skin color and body, and reasonably match your clothes to show the most beautiful and perfect you!

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