Three -point sexy underwear bikini


Three -point erotic underwear bikini is an extremely sexy, avant -garde and fashionable female underwear.It consists of three small pieces of fabrics, covering breasts and pussy, and connecting them with fine rope bands.Compared with conventional bikini and sexy underwear, three -point sex lingerie bikini is more exposed and has visual impact and attractiveness.

Historical Origins

The three -point sexy underwear bikini was launched for the first time by French fashion designer Louis Réard in the 1960s. At that time, it was named Bikini to commemorate the Bikini Island, which was in the United States that was performing nuclear tests in the South Pacific.This underwear uses a sewing process and uses two small triangle cloth to cover the breast and genitals. It was one of the most avant -garde and explicit underwear at the time.Since then, bikini has become one of the most popular swimwear styles in the world.The three -point erotic underwear bikini inherited the design concept and popular trend of Bikini.

Sexy and charm

The biggest feature of the three -point sexy underwear bikini is extremely sexy and charm.It serves women’s aesthetics and confidence, allowing women to show their body curve and beauty confidently.It is avant -garde, fashionable, and unique, allowing the wearer to emit his sexy atmosphere and attractiveness.

Types and materials

The type and material of the three -point sexy underwear bikini are extremely rich and diverse.The European and American style, oriental style design style and various materials are available, including highly elastic fiber materials, exquisite satin coloring cloth, soft plain silk silk, etc.In addition, three -point sexy underwear bikini can also be inlaid with jewelry, lace, embroidery and other elements.

For people

Three -point erotic underwear bikini is suitable for those confident, courage, avant -garde, and sexy women. It not only requires the beauty of the body, but also a self -confidence and courage deep in the heart.It is suitable for various occasions, such as pools, beaches, sex parties, nightclubs, etc.

Match and style

The combination and style of three -point sexy underwear bikini need to be paid attention to.It can be matched with various types of clothes and accessories, but it needs to be selected according to the occasion and personal character.In terms of color and materials, it can also be paired and matched according to personal preference.In short, we must ensure the perfect balance between comfort and sexy.

Maintenance and cleaning

Three -point sexy underwear bikini requires professional maintenance and cleaning.Its materials are diverse, such as fiber materials, silk, lace, etc., so you need to choose the appropriate cleaning method according to the material.Apply soapy water or use professional underwear cleaning agents for washing, and dry them in the laundry bag after cleaning.At the same time, due to its high design style, it also needs to be replaced regularly to ensure cleanliness and hygiene.

Wearing skills

Three -point sexy underwear bikini need to pay attention to.Due to its avant -garde sexy and high exposure, you need to pay attention to local hygiene problems and personal size when wearing.At the same time, pay attention to the adjustment and elasticity of the rope to ensure the dual effects of comfort and beauty.

Price and brand

The price and brand types of three -point sex lingerie bikini are also diverse.The price ranges from tens of yuan to thousands of yuan, and the brand includes brands from Europe, America and Asia.Regardless of price and brand, you need to pay attention to qualifications and after -sales services, and choose reliable brands and merchants.

In summary, the three -point sexy underwear bikini is a charming and sexy female underwear. Its design is avant -garde, sexy, and unique, and is the best choice to show women’s confidence and courage.But when wearing it, you also need to pay attention to cleaning, hygiene, comfort, and brand aspects.Choosing the right brand and merchant is also an important part of ensuring performance.

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