Tuning and wearing sexy underwear ropes


Interest underwear is a costume that can increase interest and excitement.Putting on sexy underwear can make people more confident and attractive, and it also has an indispensable role in increasing sexual desire.However, if you want to try more fun and satisfaction, you may need some training skills to improve the effect of sexy underwear, and rope skills are one of them.

Choose the appropriate rope type

The type of rope is one of the key factors for tuning and wearing sexy underwear ropes.You need to choose a soft, comfortable, easy to adjust the length, such as the favorite of the slave: silk rope.Do not choose too hard or cold materials, and do not use ropes to replace the rope, because the surface of the rope is not smooth, it is easy to cause damage to the skin during tuning.

Learn the correct tie method

The correct binding method is the basis for training and wearing a fun underwear rope.The correct tie can provide more stimuli and pleasure while reducing pain and discomfort.You can learn correctly through the Internet or related books, and you can also find professional tuning teachers to guide.

Ensure safety

It is very important to ensure safety during tuning.Be careful to avoid dangerous behaviors such as entanglement and throat, keep breathing smoothly, and keep a sober state at any time. Do not rely too much on anesthesia such as alcohol.


Control force is another important factor in tuning and wearing a fun underwear.Do not bind the body with too much power, so as not to cause unnecessary harm.We must be good at adjusting their strength and giving the other half of sufficient stimulation and challenges without causing pain and discomfort.

Explore the right place

It is also important to choose a suitable place.You need a comfortable, hidden and secure environment for training.You can choose a private space such as your own house or hotel, and you can also try outdoor tutoring, but you must ensure safety and privacy.

Prepare the necessary props

Preparing the necessary props can improve the quality and effect of tuning.In addition to ropes, you also need some spare ropes, handcuffs, and mouthball and other auxiliary tuning props.And it is necessary to prepare before tuning, including thorough planning, clear and clear communication and sufficient psychological preparation.

Pay attention to the experience process

The process of tuning and wearing a fun underwear rope is very important.By giving the other half of challenges and restrictions, he/she experiences the feeling that he cannot control, increasing sexual interest and stimuli.During the experience, you need to pay attention to the feedback and experience of the other half, and adjust your behavior and strength in time.

Combined with other tuning techniques

On the basis of tuning and wearing fun underwear ropes, you can also combine other training techniques, such as mouthball and handcuffs.These techniques can increase stimuli and pleasure while enriching the forms and methods of training.


Tuning and wearing a sexy lingerie rope is an effective way to increase interest and stimulus, but during the training process, you need to pay attention to safety and appropriate strength, and pay attention to the feedback and experience of the other half.Rope skills need to practice and hone for a long time. Only by continuous practice and exploration can we find the training skills that are most suitable for you and the other half.

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