Two -person trousers Interesting underwear

What is two -person pants and sexy underwear?

Double pants are a special adult sex product that is suitable for couples to wear together to increase flirting and intimacy.It is composed of two independent underwear, which is combined with one by one to form a whole.Under normal circumstances, its design focuses on the coordination of color schemes and patterns, and at the same time makes both parties more comfortable and natural.There are many styles and styles to choose from two -person pants. Below will introduce several more popular types.

Style 1: Internal and external reversal style

This style of two -person trousers are composed of two underwear, but the design is a bit different.The panties on the top are used for men, and the underwear at the bottom is for women.When a man’s treatment was originally a woman, there would be an empty pocket behind him, allowing women to insert her hands into hugs.The underwear at the bottom is also used as a women’s G -spot stimulator, adding more sexual experience.

Style 2: Switching

This style of two -person pants are stitched by two different colors and materials.Generally speaking, half of a piece of underwear will be stitched into a "complete" underwear with half of the underwear.There are many changes in this style of underwear, such as half of one piece of underwear is silk, and the other is a transparent mesh, or a piece of underwear is red and the other is black.

Style three: cute series

This style of two -person pants is usually suitable for a couple who wants to increase flirting and sweet.They may consist of "cute" patterns such as many small flowers or butterflies, or it may also be composed of heart -shaped or other romantic and sweet patterns.These are usually woven with color or bright yarn to make them more eye -catching.

Style 4: Cat Style

This two -person pants are usually inspired by "cat shape". With the kittens on both sides of the underwear, the couple can’t help but want to knead them.All panties have obvious "pupils", making kittens vivid "eyes".

Style 5: Sexy series

This style of two -person pants and sexy underwear shows a sexy appearance. Generally, it is made of shiny materials, such as patent leather or silk.The design highlights the body curve of women, and the lower body of the male will also have a special design, which fully shows the physical advantage of the two people.

Style 6: Disco style

This style of two -person pants and sexy underwear usually present a strong Disco style, with a variety of bright colors and flashing materials.The shoulder straps and decorative bands are usually shining with lights, bringing a unique and exotic experience to couples.

Style 7: Leather style

This style of two -person pants are made of leather.They usually use black leather and silver metal buttons as design styles, and many couples are interested in this weird style.They are often used at sex parties to produce an alternative impression.

Style 8: Toys Set

This style of two -person pants sex underwear has the characteristics of the sexual supplies set.Sex products are usually small vibers, vibrations and other similar toys.When a couple wears these underwear together, these toys can provide additional stimuli.

How to choose two -person pants and sexy underwear?

Choose two -person pants to make fun underwear, you can consider the following aspects:


There are two -person pants in a men and women, so you need to choose the right underwear according to the gender of both parties.

Second, style

Different styles are suitable for different situations.For dating activities, you may need a cute series of two -person pants and sexy underwear, and for party and other situations, you need to have a more fashionable and unique style.

Third, materials

There are many materials for two -person pants, such as silk, cotton, patent leather, etc.It is necessary to consider that the two parties can feel comfortable, and they will not cause excessive stimulation due to materials.

Fourth, price

Different brands and styles will be different. You need to pay attention to your actual situation and choose the price range that suits you.


In summary, two -person pants are an important tool for increasing sexual interest, flirting, and intimacy.Of course, it is also very important to choose the two -person pants and sexy underwear that is best for you.I hope that when reading this article, readers have more understanding and useful suggestions for the sexy underwear of both pants.

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