What are the fun underwear self -operated stores

What is sexy underwear self -operated store

Fun underwear self -operated store refers to shops that operate and sell their own sexy underwear products by underwear brands or sales companies.Unlike some e -commerce platforms or other channels, consumers can communicate directly with brand or sales companies when buying.

Interesting underwear self -operated store advantage

Compared with third -party platforms, sexy underwear self -operated stores have the following advantages:

Brands or sales companies can better control the quality of the product and avoid fake problems.

Brands or sales companies can provide better after -sales service.

Brands or sales companies can better control the price strategy.

Which brands have fun underwear self -operated stores

At present, the more well -known sexy underwear self -operated store brand is:

Ai Wei’s 内

Je l’aime sexy underwear self -operated store

Calvin Klein sexy underwear self -operated store

Victoria’s Secrets Instead Underwear Self -operated Store

Ido -love underwear self -operated store

The difference between sexy underwear self -operated stores and specialty stores

The difference between sexy underwear self -operated stores and sexy underwear stores is:

Fun underwear self -operated stores are usually directly operated by brand or sales companies, and sexy underwear stores can be operated by third parties or cooperate with third parties by brand or sales enterprise.

The product pricing strategy of sexy underwear self -operated stores is sometimes different, and it will be more advantageous than specialty stores.

After -sales protection of sexy underwear self -operated stores is usually more complete.

Sending underwear self -operated store purchase method

Consumers can purchase sexy underwear self -operated store products through the official website of the brand or sales enterprise, offline physical stores, third -party e -commerce platforms, and social media platforms.

How to choose a sexy underwear that suits you

Consumers need to pay attention to the following points when choosing a sexy underwear that suits them:

Size: Select the size that is suitable for your body.

Style: Choose different styles of products based on your own personality, desires, needs and occasions.

Fabric: Choose comfortable and safe fabrics.

Maintenance method of sexy underwear

Interesting underwear is private clothes. In order to keep clean and tidy, consumers need to follow the following maintenance methods:

Hand washing: It is best to use the washing fluid or the detergent designed for underwear for gently washing.

Drying: It should not be exposed to the sun, it is best to dry naturally in the ventilation.

Category: Avoid blending with other clothes.

Fun underwear wearing taboo

Consumers need to avoid the following points to maintain their health and comfort:

Do not wear sexy underwear while sleeping, so as not to tighten your chest to affect breathing.

Do not buy smaller size than yourself. Tingling the chest will affect the mammary duct cleaning and lymphatic detoxification function.

If you need to wear underwear, you should try to choose the material with good breathability.

The role of sexy underwear on sex life

Interest underwear is a kind of flirting tool, which can improve sexual excitement and enhance interest.Wearing the corresponding sexy underwear can make it easier for men and women to reach orgasm, thereby improving the quality of sexual life between husband and wife.


Sexy underwear self -operated stores are a more trustworthy purchase channel, but choosing the right sexy underwear also plays an important role in the improvement of sexual life.

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