What are the ugly faces to wear

Paragraph 1: Introduction

Every girl is eager to have a perfect figure and beautiful face, but not every girl has such conditions.If your face is not perfect, don’t worry, hundreds of different styles of sexy underwear can help you show your sexy figure.

Section 2: chest remedy

If your face is not exquisite enough, then your chest may be one of the best ways to attract your partner.Choosing a sexy underwear with full support and enhancement effect will make your chest look more perfect, so that you can attract their attention.

3rd paragraph: waist decoration

If you want to move your attention from your face to other places, then you can choose to add some details to the waist, such as the sexy underwear decorated with a belt or bow, you can add female charm to your figure.

Fourth paragraph: longer thighs

If you want your face to be less prominent, then wearing some sexy underwear with your thigh will be a good way.Choosing a style with translucent and perspective effects will make your thighs look more beautiful, thereby dispersing your public attention.

Fifth paragraph: ankle beautiful

If you want to attract the attention of others, but you don’t want to lead it to your face, then it is also a good choice to show beauty in other parts.For example, wearing sexy high heels, revealing beautiful ankles, can make you look more charming.

Section 6: Low -key and pleasant

It is not to say that all erotic underwear must be a large thick sweater or an extremely exposed style.In fact, some low -key erotic underwear can also make you look very sexy.Choose soft and comfortable fabrics, and decorate it with details, you can add pleasant charm to your figure.

Seventh paragraph: accessories matching

There is also a way to save money for people who do not have too many budgets to buy sexy underwear: accessories matching.By choosing necklaces, bracelets and earrings that are matched with your existing sexy underwear, your body can be more sexy and charming.

Eighth paragraph: difference between pajamas

Different types of sexy underwear are suitable for different occasions.For example, if you might as well wear a sexy bathrobe to show your figure, then you can choose a bathrobe pajama with a split or perspective.If you want to add some fun to bed, pajamas are also a good choice.

Paragraph ninth: color matching skills

Interesting underwear that matches color and skin color is very important.Light -colored sexy underwear is suitable for people with lighter skin tone, while dark color sexy underwear is suitable for people with darker skin tone.

Paragraph 10: Conclusion

Don’t lose confidence because your face is not perfect, choose a sexy underwear suitable for your body, and with the corresponding accessories, you can increase the sexy index.No matter what interesting underwear is, we must wear it confidently, because self -confidence is always the most charming.

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