What does C -type colorful lingerie look like?

What is Type C sexy underwear?

Sexy underwear is a sexy clothing that can be used for sex games and enhanced sexual experience.Type C sex underwear is one of them. It is a close -fitting underwear containing tulle and lace. Its design focuses on the curve and outline of the female body.

What are the categories of type C in underwear?

According to the design and functions, the C -type sex underwear can be divided into multiple categories:

Fracked Type C Type Welling Underwear

Stranger C -type sex underwear

Sock -type C -type sexy underwear

Perspective model C -type sexy underwear

Semi -opening C -type sexy underwear

What is the tassel C -type sexy underwear?

The design of the tassel C -type sexy underwear is to attach many slender tassel vertically to the edge of the bra and panties.This design can not only have the effect of blocking, but also show the curve and sensation of the female body to enhance the sexual experience.

What are the characteristics of camisole type C -type sex underwear?

The camisole -type C -type sexy underwear is different from the general suspender type underwear.Its suspender design is thinner and shorter to show the effect of showing shoulders and chests.In front of it, it is a combination of a whole cup bra and slender underwear.

How to wear socks C -type sex underwear?

The unique feature of the socks -type C -type sex underwear is that the ultra -long socks are fused in the inner lace pants, making the appearance of the entire underwear look more special.In order to wear convenience, we usually need to wear socks.First wear tulle and lace bra and panties, then pull the socks, and use the neckline of lace pants to fix the socks on the panties.

Is the perspective C -type sexy underwear good?

The perspective C -type sexy underwear is designed with a certain perspective effect in some parts of the bra and panties, and usually uses tulle or lace to show the skin.This underwear gives a seductive visual effect, but it should be noted that it is not suitable for everyone.

What is the semi -split C -type sexy underwear?

The design of the semi -split C -type sex underwear is to divide the underwear into both sides, exposing a sexy area in the middle.This sexy underwear is characterized by highlighting the sexy and charm of women, and often uses lace and satin to decorate the area.

What kind of C -type sex underwear should I choose?

Everyone has different preferences and physical shapes, so they should choose C -type sexy underwear that conform to their physical characteristics and comfort.Considering color, size, material and design, you need to choose a sexy underwear that combines your preferences, not just blindly pursuing a sexy appearance.

How to match Type C sexy underwear?

When wearing C -type sexy underwear, you need to choose the corresponding matching clothing.You can choose the matching method according to the scene and personal preference.For example, you can match short skirts or high -heeled shoes in romantic dating, and at home at home, you can match a light nightdress and robe.

What should I do if I was cleaned by type C in underwear?

When cleaning the C -type sexy underwear, you need to wash and use a neutral detergent by hand, and you cannot use detergents that are too strong or containing bleach.In order to maintain the shape and material of the underwear, it is recommended to avoid machine washing and drying.


Choose a type C -type sexy underwear that is suitable for your physical characteristics and preferences to enhance your self -confidence and charm while enhancing your sexual experience.Different styles and designs can provide different experiences and feelings, but the important thing is to choose a comfortable and suitable sexy underwear.

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