What is the meaning of sexy lingerie terminology

What is the meaning of sexy lingerie terminology


The bra is the most basic and important type of women’s underwear.Early bras are divided into two types: tightly packages.The tight bag is generally used to bundle the chest, and the flat bag is flat in the chest.Modern bras have various functions, such as improvement, gathering, enlarged, and reduced.


Underwear is tight -fitting clothes and wear on the female lower body.Common types include briefs, flat trousers, T pants, thongs, buttocks, etc.The surface of the underwear can also be decorated with lace, mesh, etc.


Stockings are made of artificial synthetic fibers or natural fibers.At present, the style and style of stockings on the market are very rich, such as light -legged stockings, wide -side stockings, net eye socks.Stockings are divided into pressure stockings, warm stockings, beautiful leg stockings, invisible stockings, etc.

Erotic underwear

Interest underwear is a sexy and seductive underwear, which is often used to stimulate sexual interests between couples.There are many types of sexy underwear, such as lace pajamas, seductive sexy suits, hollow bellybands, etc.


The camisole is a kind of top without a sleeve, hanging on the shoulders by two thin bands.The camisole can be paired with jeans, skirts, trousers and other clothes, which are commonly used in summer.


Bid body is a kind of tight -fitting corset, which helps the sculpture body line and achieve the effect of controlling the body.Bid -body clothes are often used in medicine, beauty, weight loss and other aspects.


Conjusational clothing is an overall clothing, which is often composed of two parts.The jacket has superiority and aesthetics, and is often worn by athletes, models, and actors.


The bras plug are also called chest pads. It is a sponge pad or filling in the bra, which can increase and adjust the chest shape.The type of chest pads includes teasing type, natural type, comfort type, etc.

Three -point underwear

Three -point underwear is composed of three parts, underwear, bra, and socks.This style of underwear is a bit exposed and sexy, suitable for use between couples or couples.


Pajamas is a clothing for sleep.There are diverse pajamas, with long -sleeved pajamas, short -sleeved pajamas, suspender pajamas, etc.Common materials are cotton, silk, lace, etc.


The purpose of sexy underwear is to add life interest, which is a private lifestyle.Choose sexy underwear to pay attention to the material, version, size, and find the style and style that suits you.Wearing sexy underwear can not only meet the sexual needs between husband and wife or couples, but also make individuals more confident and charm.

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