What is the routine of sending a sex underwear?

What is the routine of sending a sex underwear?

Giving away sex underwear has become a common gift, which can be used for weddings, Valentine’s Day, birthday and other occasions.However, many people do not know how to choose, match, and size of sexy underwear. This article will introduce the routine of sending sexy underwear from these aspects.

1. Be careful when choosing a style

Gift of sexy underwear needs to consider the taste, body, and acceptance of the other party. Do not blindly pursue sexy and purchase too exposed styles. You must choose the best style according to the other party’s preference.

Second, color matching is proper

Color matching is an important factor that needs to be considered when sending sex underwear. You should choose the right color according to the skin color, preferences and character of the other party.Generally speaking, black and red are more sexy, and pink and white are cute or fresh.

Third, the size should be accurate

When sending sex underwear, pay attention to the accuracy of the size, try to understand the body information of the other person in advance, avoid excessive or too small, affect the wear effect and comfort.

Fourth, quality is the key

Quality is one of the important indicators of sexy underwear. High -quality erotic underwear is higher than ordinary products in both fabrics, workmanship, and comfort. Therefore, you must choose a brand or formal channel with reputation when purchasing.

Fifth, stylish packaging is important

The packaging of sexy underwear also requires quality and style. You can use exquisite boxes or bags, or you can add some small accessories or cards to create a strong romantic atmosphere and increase the added value of gifts.

6. You need to know the other party’s preferences

When giving a messy underwear, you need to know the other party’s preferences and styles. Different people have different tastes and preferences. Only understanding the other party can choose the most suitable gift.

7. The choice of the occasion is also important

Sending sex underwear needs to be selected according to the specific situation. Different occasions must have different gift styles, and try to choose relaxed and romantic occasions.

8. Personalized customization available

If you want gifts to be more unique and creative, you can choose some personalized customized services, such as adding text, pictures or logos, so that the gift is more memorable and significant.

Nine, the brand of trust is more reliable

When buying sexy underwear, the trust brand is more reliable. While ensuring quality and price, it can increase brand strength and business value to gifts.

10. Summary view

Sending sex underwear is a creative and romantic gift. You need to choose according to the preferences and situations of the other party. Pay attention to the details of quality, size, color, style, and packaging.The expression of gifts adds full emotion and significance.

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