What is the sexy shells of A breasts

The influence of chest shape on sexy underwear

Each woman’s chest shape is different. When choosing sexy underwear, the chest shape will directly affect the choice of underwear.For women with A breasts, you need to pay attention to the following aspects to choose sexy underwear.

Choose sexy underwear with shoulder straps

For women with A breasts, it is a better choice to choose sexy underwear with shoulder straps. This can not only avoid the sliding of the underwear, but also add some clothing texture.

Choose a gathering of sexy underwear

In order to make A breasts look full of breasts, you can choose to gather sexy underwear. This underwear can concentrate the fat of the chest together to increase the fullness of the chest.

Choose sexy underwear that can concentrate

In order to let people notice the breasts of A breasts, you can choose some sexy underwear that can concentrate. Here is two types. One is to use bright colors and exaggerated patterns. This underwear can attract the attention of others;One is to use some decorative sexy underwear, such as lace, beads, etc. These elements can transfer others’ attention and concentrate on decoration.

Avoid choosing sexy underwear without shoulder straps

For women with A breasts, if you wear sexy underwear without straps, because the chest is too small, the effect of non -slip is not good, and the underwear is prone to slipping, so avoid choosing this style.

Choose as much as possible lower bust

When choosing a sexy underwear, the lower bust is important because it can play a role in stabilizing underwear.For women with A breasts, try to choose a wider bust, so as to avoid the shift of underwear.

Choose a thin thin cup underwear

In terms of the choice of underwear, you should avoid choosing underwear with too thick and too large, so that although the chest will be more loose, it will easily make the cotton pads full of underwear, which looks fake; on the contrary, choose thinner thin thin thin thin thin thinness, thin thin thin thin thin thin thin thin thin thin thin thin thin thin thin thinned underwear.Cup underwear can shape a good chest shape without increasing burden.

Choose lace or mesh underwear

For women with A breasts, lace or mesh underwear is a good choice. They can not only beautify the underwear, but also add some three -dimensional feel of the chest.

Avoid wearing too tight underwear

Although for women A, tight underwear can make the chest more open, but at the same time, it will also slow the flow of chest blood, leading to darkening the chest and purple.Therefore, we should avoid passing over tight -fitting underwear.

Select sexy, simple sexy underwear

For A -breast women, it is best to choose some sexy and simple sexy underwear. Although the color and style are simple, the design is not simple, which can make women reflect their elegant temperament.

in conclusion

Choosing sexy underwear should be selected according to your own figure and preference. For women with A breasts, you need to choose those underwear that can add the fullness and three -dimensional feel of the chest.Therefore, it is recommended to choose a loose sexy underwear with a gathered and shoulder band, and avoid too tight styles.

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