What should I do if I do n’t take off my sexy underwear?


Sex underwear is a fashion trendy of modern women. They not only have sexy charm, but also enhance women’s confidence and charm.However, if the erotic underwear does not take off after wearing, it will bring unnecessary trouble and embarrassment to women.Here are some solutions to help you avoid similar situations.

Choose the right size

Choosing the right size is the primary method to avoid erotic underwear.Even if you see a particularly beautiful sexy underwear, it is best not to buy if it is not your size.When choosing a sexy underwear, measure your body size to ensure that you buy the right underwear.If you need to help buy a suitable size, please consult the opinions of professional sexy lingerie salespersons.

Wearable order

When wearing sexy underwear, the correct order is also important.Put on underwear first, then tighten your back and shoulder strap, and finally put on your coat.If you have a problem when you wear off your underwear, it may be because you do not have the right order.Remember this order and always use it.

Underwear style

The style of the underwear also affects the falling of sexy underwear.Low -waist pants and asymmetric underwear will affect your overall image and posture, which will cause underwear to fall off.When choosing a sexy underwear, you will give priority to the appropriate style.

Tape or vest

If you still have the problem of underwear, you can consider using some auxiliary measures such as tape or vest.These help you keep underwear high and avoid falling off.Please note that these practices may feel uncomfortable after a long time.

Adjust the shoulder strap and back hook buckle

If your underwear keeps falling, you can try to adjust the length of the shoulder strap or the size of the back hook.You can choose to shorten your shoulder strap or tighten the hook buckle.However, don’t let the underwear too tight, otherwise it will affect your comfort and health.

Replace underwear

If your erotic underwear has been worn for a long time and frequently appears, you need to consider replacing underwear.Long -term wear will deform and wear underwear, thereby reducing its function.Choose to replace the right underwear to maintain its sexy and functions.

With clothing

Correctly matching clothing can maximize the effect of sexy underwear and avoid inconsistency.Generally speaking, leather or tight pants is the best match, because they can make underwear more fit in the body and avoid slipping.

Avoid exercise and violent activities

If you are ready to exercise violent exercise or activities, it is recommended to avoid wearing sexy underwear.The movement will make the body moist, and the material and design of the underwear are not suitable for moist skin.Unless the underwear material is marked with waterproof or breathable, do not wear sex underwear during strenuous exercise.

in conclusion

Don’t panic if you often encounter erotic underwear.You can avoid this problem through the correct size, the order of dressing, the appropriate style, and additional auxiliary measures.If the above methods cannot solve your problems, you may need to re -consider the way to buy underwear.However, a suitable sexy underwear can not only make you more sexy and confident, but also enhance your charm and self -confidence.

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