What should I do if my wife buys sexy underwear after marriage?


After marriage, many men will face the same problem: their wives buy some sexy sexy underwear.This may be a huge challenge for some, but in fact, this is a problem that can be solved.

Understand the affair

First of all, as a husband, you need to know some knowledge about sexy underwear.They are designs to increase sexy and exciting clothing.Sex underwear can have a variety of styles and materials, including lace, silk and leather.These styles are usually more exquisite and perspective, mainly to meet the needs of sex

accept the truth

Although some men may be surprised or shocked, we should all accept the facts: our wife has the right to buy their favorite clothes.Interest underwear may make you feel uncomfortable or embarrassed, but learning to accept this fact is an important step in establishing a healthy marriage relationship.

Communicate with his wife

To be frank with your wife is a good way to build mutual understanding.Ask her why she likes these underwear, and she hopes you to try new things in sex.Listen to her thoughts and discuss a win -win solution together.This communication is one of the cornerstones of a good marriage relationship.

Encourage her self -confidence

Our wives will feel inferior because of their appearance, so if your wife feels such a thing can improve her self -esteem and self -confidence, and encourage her to put on sexy underwear.The acceptance and recognition of their bodies is also one of the necessary conditions for establishing a strong marriage relationship. This will definitely make them more confident and happy.

Express your point of view

To avoid making her feel that you are criticizing her, you can express your thoughts and views, but you must pay attention to the way and tone, which requires as gentleness and reason as much as possible.Express your opinion and show your thoughts, but try not to make them feel inferior or stressful.

Study positive attitude

In your attitude, you also need to learn more positive and optimistic.Don’t let these sexy underwear the focus of your dispute.You can try to use sexy underwear reasonably in your sex life, so that these clothes can become a kind of sex toy for you.

Try new things

It may be a new thing to wear a sexy underwear, but this can also be a good opportunity to try some new things.Maybe you may try some different drama characters to play with it, which can make your relationship more healthy and happy.


The importance of sexy underwear cannot be ignored by us.They can increase the stimulus of sex and sex.At the same time, they can also increase the quality of our marriage and life, making our wife feel beautiful and confident.So we need to learn and manage sexy underwear correctly.

in conclusion

In marriage life, sexy underwear is a very normal thing.We need to look at and manage them correctly to ensure that our marriage relationship can continue to develop and healthy.Try some new things, encourage our wives while maintaining our good family relationships.

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