What styles are there in ancient sexy underwear

1. Open crotch pants

In ancient times, open crotch pants were a very popular sexy lingerie style.This underwear first appeared in the Ming Dynasty in China, designed to facilitate sexual behavior between husband and wife.Open crotch pants are divided into two styles of men and women. The women’s style also has a small hollow, which is used to facilitate women’s excretion.Men’s style has a opening, which is convenient for men’s sexual behavior.However, this underwear is not suitable for daily wear, but only use it under special occasions.

2. Foot pants

Foot -entangled pants are one of the main erotic underwear of ancient Chinese women.This underwear is seamless from the waist to the feet. It can tighten the women’s legs and highlight the beauty of curves.In addition, the fabric of the pants is usually soft silk, which is very comfortable to wear.Although there are few women wearing tangled foot pants now, in ancient times, it was a very popular sexy underwear.

3. Feng Guanxia 凤

Feng Guanxia is one of the traditional wedding clothing of ancient Chinese brides.Feng Guan is wearing a decoration, and Xia Ye is wearing decoration.This costume is gorgeous and exquisite, regarded as the most beautiful symbol of women.Among them, Xiaye’s design is also very particular.Xia Xun is usually red, bright in color, and various beautiful flower and bird patterns will be embroidered on it.In addition, Xia Yan also has various accessories, such as belts and loads, which are important elements that reflect the charm of women.

4. S -shaped body skirt

In Europe in the early 20th century, S -shaped skirt was one of the very popular sexy underwear.This underwear is made of elastic materials, which can closely attach the body of women and highlight the curve of the chest and hips.In addition, the S -shaped skirt also has a design that increases the waist curve, making the entire body of women look more beautiful.This underwear has been loved by many women and has become one of the fashion representatives in the early 20th century.

5. tight corset

Tight -fitting corsets are very popular in the medieval period of Europe.There are many styles of this underwear. The most common is short models like vests, which can tighten women’s breasts.In addition, a variety of beautiful patterns are usually embroidered on tight corsets to make women more beautiful.Although the tight corset has gradually faded out of the fashion industry, its classic design is still liked by many people.

6. Red stockings

Red stockings were a very popular sexy underwear in ancient Europe.The design of this underwear is very simple, which is a long stockings made of red silk.However, red stockings are very sexy on women and can show the charm of women.In addition, in ancient Europe, red stockings also had a certain symbolic meaning. Only nobles were qualified to wear red stockings.

7. Height shoes

Heating shoes were very popular in the Qing Dynasty in China.The design of this shoe is similar to modern high -heeled shoes to make women look taller and beautiful.At that time, only the ladies in the court were able to wear high shoes, so it also had a certain symbolic significance.The design of high shoes is very exquisite, which can make women’s feet more slender and graceful.

8. French fitted jacket

French underwear is one of French women’s favorite sexy lingerie styles in the early 20th century.The design of this underwear is very concise, which is tight corset and shorts made of light cloth.However, the details of French and personal underwear are very particular. It can close the curve of women’s bodies and make women more sexy and charming.

9. Maid uniform

Maid uniform originated from Europe and is a very representative sexy underwear.The design of the maid’s uniform is very eye -catching, usually black and white, focusing on the various details of the uniform.The design of the maid’s uniform can make women look more petite and exquisite, and can also show the sexy charm of women.So far, maid uniforms are still one of the best -selling styles of major sexual products stores.

10. Silk Studius

Silk hanging socks are a very classic sexy underwear accessories.The design of this accessory is very simple. It is a piece of band made of soft silk to hang in women’s waist and use it for fixing stockings.The silk strap is very sexy, which can not only highlight the beautiful legs of women, but also increase the charm of women.Although modern women have rarely used silk stockings, it is still one of the very classic elements in sexy underwear.

Views: Although ancient sexy underwear has gradually faded out of people’s attention, their design elements and aesthetic value still have a certain impact on the design of modern sexy underwear.Contemporary sexy underwear design still needs to pay attention to the beauty of curves and color, making women more beautiful.

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